College Football Week 1 Top 10

After a very eventful first week of football we have seen some teams prove just how good they really are and some teams let their fans down. An outstanding performance by JT Daniels and the Bulldogs leaves them a top of the ranks while some other teams have entered and dropped out of this week’s top 10. Keep in mind these are personal rankings so let’s get into this week’s top 10.

  1. Georgia Bulldogs (1-0)

The Bulldogs prove me right and do just what I said they would by taking down #3 Clemson last Saturday. The Dawgs defense really showed out holding Clemson to only 3 points. A performance like this will keep the Bulldogs on top for another week. 

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide (1-0)

Saban and the Tide rolls over #14 Miami on Saturday by a score of 44-13. Everything was working for Alabama and Miami just had no answers for them. Miami could not hold down this Alabama offense for the life of them. This team is going to be a problem for opponents all season long. 

  1. Oklahoma Sooners (1-0)

Oklahoma did not have a quite impressive performance but I still think they’ll be more than fine heading into the rest of their season. A few interceptions from Rattler made this game a lot closer than expected but that’s nothing he can’t fix. 

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes (1-0)

It looked like we were about to see an upset in Minnesota on Thursday night but the Buckeyes flipped a switch in the second quarter and won pretty handily. The injury of Minnesota RB, Mohamed Ibrahim, did help the Buckeyes out in this game as they had no answer for him. However QB C.J. Stroud will need some improvement if this team wants to make a run for a National Championship. 

  1. Clemson Tigers (0-1)

The Tigers took a loss this week and moved down a few spots in the rankings. Although they didn’t look great on Saturday with such an easy ACC schedule this team can easily run the table and sit around the top 5 all year long

  1. Penn State Nittany Lions (1-0)

What a performance from Penn State this weekend. Heading into Madison and leaving with a win against a top 15 Wisconsin team is not an easy thing to do. Although they had a slow start they picked it up in the second half and took care of business when it counted the most. 

  1. Cincinnati Bearcats (1-0)

The Bearcats remain the highest ranked Group of Five team and look like a serious contender. With two huge games against Indiana and Notre Dame don’t be surprised to see this team creep up as high as the top 4 throughout this season.

  1. Iowa Hawkeyes (1-0)

Coming into this season I did think Indiana would take a huge step back from last year but what Iowa did to them on Saturday should not be discredited at all. This Iowa team has some real potential and I think they will surprise a lot of people and beat in-state rival Iowa State this Saturday.

  1. Iowa State Cyclones (1-0)

The Cyclones did not impress me this weekend, only beating Northern Iowa by 6 points. I expected much more out of them. I think they were in a bit of a look ahead to next week vs Iowa and should perform a bit better as the season rolls on. 

  1. UCLA Bruins (2-0)

This is not a team I thought I would see on any of this year’s top 10 rankings let alone already making the top 10 two games into their season. This Bruins team and more specifically offense has been extremely impressive so far this year and have serious potential to win the PAC-12.

By Andrew Kalb

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