The B1G Ten Officially Cancels All Fall Sports

I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that this news is sadly true. The B1G Ten has canceled all fall sports including football but say they can still play in the spring. I think they just added in the spring possibility to leave some hope for the players but unfortunately I don’t think they even attempt to play in the spring. The B1G Ten has handled this situation top to bottom in the worst way possible, this virus has been a problem since March which gave them almost 5 months to figure out a way to safely play this season and somehow managed to fuck it up. These players have been practicing for this season since January, schedules were released and in the end we won’t get to see any product on the field this season. None of this makes sense to anyone but I think anyone with common sense would say these presidents of the schools are the ultimate hypocrites. Thousands of students will be moving onto campus in the coming weeks, going to restaurants, the library, the dining hall, the classroom but they can’t play football. A lot of these kids will unfortunately go home to a lot worse situations and will be ultimately less safe with less testing and no health monitoring, it really just makes no sense whatsoever. The B1G Ten looks to just be the first domino to fall in the world of college football with the PAC-12 probably following suit but it does look like the Big 12, SEC and ACC intend to play this year. My last shred of hope relies on the slim chance that the top schools from the B1G Ten can find a way to join another power 5 conference and make a super conference to give these kids a chance to play. So many questions about scholarships and eligibility need to still be answered but as of now one thing is certain and that is we will not see a normal B1G Ten football season this year. The Big House, Beaver Stadium, Camp Randall, The Shoe will all be empty venues and can only hope to be filled to the brim by next season.


By Andrew Kalb


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