Projected 1st rounders, Micah Parsons & Rashod Bateman, Opt out of 2020 CFB season

This is certainly the year of the unknown. Many predicted players of this caliber wouldn’t want to waste their time on whatever type of college football season 2020 has to offer but it still comes as a shock. Rashod Bateman of Minnesota a projected top 25 pick and a top 5 ranked WR in this class has opted out of the 2020 college football season. Another big name in the B1G TEN, Micah Parsons, the best LB in the nation has been expected to opt out of this year as well. It has been confirmed by many news outlets but nothing confirmed by Parsons himself as of now.

As we inch closer to this football season it is only a matter of time that more top tier players realize opting out is a smart choice. For many of these conferences schedules have gone to conference only play and maybe one out of conference game. Top players like Trevor Lawerence, Justin Fields, Ja’marr Chase have proven all they need to prove for these NFL scouts. As much as I want to see all these players play this season I think it is unreasonable to think we’ll see the best version of the top ranked teams this year. Hopefully next season things can go back to the way every college football fan knows and loves but unfortunately it looks like this year won’t be the same.


By Andrew Kalb


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