2020 MLB Season Preview & Predictions

Opening Day is right around the corner and everybody is itching to finally watch some baseball. This season is sure to be an interesting one with only a 60 game season and a DH for the National League. Other than that everything will hopefully be business as usual for this season. A shortened season may open up an opportunity for a team to get hot and win their division over a top tier team this year or open the door for an underrated player to get himself in the MVP or Cy Young race. Whatever happens this season is sure to be interesting any way you look at it but with that being said let’s get into my predictions for this years MLB season.


AL East

New York Yankees

The Yankees will win the AL East this year for a second year in a row with ease although the Tampa Bay Rays will come out of this division as a Wild Card team.


AL Central 

Minnesota Twins

The Twins are looking to take a huge step forward for their franchise this year and make a deep playoff run. After getting swept by the Yankees last year in ALDS, I believe the Twins win this division for a second year in a row and possibly make a deep playoff run.


AL West

Los Angeles Angels

This is a bit of a bold prediction but I believe if the Angels roster can stay healthy they can be one of the best in the league. A roster with Rendon, Trout and Ohtani is one that will have opposing teams shaking in their boots this season. All the talk this off-season has been about how much better Ohtani got from an already good previous season so I would definitely keep my eyes on this team.


AL Wild Card 

Tampa Bay Rays & Houston Astros

I think the Rays have a very strong season this year along but they won’t have enough to overcome the Yankees and sneak into the Wild Card spot. The Astros are coming into this year as the most hated franchise in America so I think a lot of that pressure will cause them to drop a few games causing them to not win their division.


NL East

New York Mets

If there was ever a season for the Mets it’s the 2020 season. A team known for starting hot and then inevitably hitting a cold streak, a 60 game season give the Mets less games to possibly choke. Although they will be missing Syndergaard I still think they give the NL East a run for their money and win this division.


NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals

This is going to be an extremely tough division once again this year with teams like the Reds, Cubs and Brewers also fighting for this division title. I do think a wild card team will come out of this division and possibly even two. It will be a tough fight for the crown of the NL Central but I think the Cardinals take it in the end.


NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers are arguably the best team in the big leagues so barring any major injuries I think they take this division with ease. The other teams in this division don’t have anything on the Dodgers this year so lock the Dodgers in as the NL West champions.


NL Wild Card

Cincinnati Reds & Atlanta Braves

The Reds look like a very under the radar team that I think will turn a lot of heads this year. The Braves come into this year after winning the NL East last year and making a little bit of a run in the playoffs but ultimately coming up short in the NLDS. Anything can happen in baseball but I believe the Braves finish just short in the division race and get into the Wild Card.



Gleyber Torres

Some may say this is a bold prediction but it’s really not that fun picking the top favorites to win these type of awards. Torres is a great young stud who has proven to be very good in the big leagues. Anything can happen in the MLB and especially in a 60 game season so I think Gleyber wins his first MVP this season.



Mookie Betts

Mookie heads to the west coast this season after being traded from the Red Sox to the Dodger this off-season and looks to put on a show for the Dodger fans. Mookie is a former MVP winner when he won back in 2018. Mookie playing alongside last years NL MVP, Cody Bellinger, in sunny LA makes for a great season from him taking home the MVP trophy.


AL Cy Young

Tyler Glasnow

Glasnow is apart of a lethal rotation in Tampa Bay alongside Blake Snell & Charlie Morton. I think Glasnow has a breakout year and really makes himself standout amongst the other great pitchers in the league.


NL Cy Young

Jacob deGrom

I know it’s boring to go with the favorite but deGrom is too good to lose this award this year. Winning the Cy Young this year would make it three straight for deGrom which is something that only great pitchers like Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux. If deGrom can stay healthy this award will be his.


 By Andrew Kalb


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