The Return of the NBA

In about 30 days the whole world will be back on the edge of their seat to finally watch some NBA basketball. The NBA returns July 30th at 6:30 PM in Orlando when the Utah Jazz take on the New Orleans Pelicans. This will be the first game played since the NBA was suspended March 11th, everyone will be patiently waiting to watch and gamble on these games. After the Jazz & Pelicans game, the Clippers & Lakers will face off at 9:00 in what is sure to be one of the biggest games in NBA history and maybe even in all of sports. You have the best player of all time in Lebron James alongside Anthony Davis taking on Kawahi Leonard and Paul George in what looks to be a preview of the Western Conference Finals. The entire country will be looking ahead this whole month just to get to see some basketball and with that comes a lot of people looking to throw some cash on these games. Let’s get into a breakdown of the odds and totals for these first couple of games.IMG_5741 2

July 30 @ 6:30 PM

Utah Jazz vs New Orleans Pelicans (-2) (220.5)

Alright well it’s going to be very tough to make accurate picks for these first couple of games since we haven’t seen these teams play in months but  i’ll try my best. Here we have the Jazz who currently sit at No. 4 in the west with a 41-23 record and the Pelicans who are 28-36. I think Zion and the Pelicans want to come out of the gates at full force and really put on a show on the national stage while also fighting for a playoff spot so I’ll go with the Pelicans covering this game and I’ll take the under just because throwing these players into full game speed after months of not playing at all I think there will definitely be a lot of missed shots this game.


July 30 @ 9:00 PM

Los Angeles Lakers (-1.5) vs Los Angeles Clippers (218.5)

I touched on this game a little before so I’ll keep this short but this is going to be a game for the ages to say the least. The Lakers sit at No.1 in the west with the Clippers at No.2 and only 5.5 games behind. I believe Lebron will come into this game ready to play and ready to get his 4th ring and puts a beating on the Clippers alongside All Star, Anthony Davis and his new teammate JR Smith. 


July 31 @ 2:30 PM

Orlando Magic (-4) vs Brooklyn Nets (212.5)

Here we have some day basketball and the first of many games on this day. This is also one of the only games I have an accurate grasp on. The Nets are coming into Orlando with a shell of their team, they’ve been cursed by injuries and I just don’t see them getting up for this game in any way. I would hammer the Magic in this game.


July 31 @ 4:00 PM

Memphis Grizzlies vs Portland Trailblazers (-1) (222.5)

I can definitely get used to this all day basketball thing it reminds me of a good ‘ol college basketball saturday when you just sit down at 12 PM, watch wall to wall basketball and then get up 12 hours later. With that being said, this is about as close as a game as you can get. A young Grizzlies team with Ja Morant vs a pretty solid Blazers squad with Damien Lillard. I’d stay away from this game because it can go in any direction but if I had to I’d take the veteran in Lillard and bet the Blazers.


July 31 @ 4:00 PM 

Phoenix Suns (-4) vs Washington Wizards (228.5)

It looks like we’re going to have overlapping games in this 4:00 spot which I like a lot. Both of these teams are fighting for a playoff spot but I think the Wizards are going to want it more so I’ll roll with the Wizards +4 in this game. 


July 31 @ 6:00 PM

Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks (-5) (218)

Now this is going to be another great game to start off the return of the NBA. The No.1 team in the East vs the No.3 team in the East and maybe even a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals. It’s going to be tough to stop Giannis but it’s also going to be tough to stop Jayson Tatum so I think this will be a very close game. I lean more towards taking the Celtics in this one but it can really go in any direction.


July 31 @ 8:00 PM

Sacramento Kings (-2.5) vs San Antonio Spurs (216.5)

I think this may be my second most confident pick in all of these games. Both teams sit right at the bottom of the Western conference but I just feel like the Spurs have the advantage in this one. Popovich will definitely have his players ready for this one and I think the Spurs easily cover +2.5 and win this game outright. 


July 31 @ 9:00 PM

Houston Rockets (-1.5) vs Dallas Mavericks (225.5)

The worst part about this return of the NBA is that the final games of the night will be at around 9:00 since all teams are now playing in Orlando on east coast time so there won’t be any late night west coast games the rest of this season. This is another game that I am really looking forward to watching and betting on. I know I haven’t touched much on any over/unders but this one sticks out like a sore thumb as a high scoring game I would smash this over and smash the Mavs. Luka is going to come ready to play and easily covers +1.5 and wins this game outright to end off a full day of NBA basketball.


By Andrew Kalb


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