The Return of Major League Baseball

After months of negotiations between the MLB owners and players, both parties have finally agreed to a deal. For a couple weeks it looked like we weren’t going to see any type of major league baseball this year but we all kept hoping for a deal to be done. And finally, June 23rd everyone agreed for players to report to camp by July 1st and to have the first game of the season July 23rd or 24th. This season will be very different from seasons of the past with only a 60 game schedule, with Week 1 MLB odds will appear on Sports Betting Dime in the coming week. As of now there is no official schedule for any team and no word on how the divisions will look this year but it will most certainly be entertaining however things workout. Another important part of the return of baseball is that there will be a universal DH for both the American and National league. This is something a lot of people want to see implemented into a full season of baseball so this will be a great way to see how it works for this year’s shortened season and maybe the DH will be here to stay for National league teams. With no official schedules being released yet there is no betting lines for any opening day games and such but there still are future odds for the 2020 World Series Champion. With all that being said let’s take a look at a few favorites to win this year’s World Series and a few dark horse teams.


With the Washington Nationals coming out of no where last year to take home the 2019 World Series it shows how just about anyone can win if they got hot and a shortened season gives just about any team an even better shot at taking home the Commissioner’s Trophy. And although this year’s champion won’t get the respect of champions in the past, in my opinion a ring is a ring and it shouldn’t really matter the length of the regular season. But now let’s take a look at a few teams who look to be the favorites for this year’s World Series.


Los Angeles Dodgers +375

With the addition of 2018 AL MVP, Mookie Betts and 2012 CY Young winner, David Price the Dodgers are obviously this year’s favorite to win the World Series. I think they’re a very good team with a lot of potential but the Dodgers are known to choke when the pressure is really on so I don’t think I’d put any money on this team.


New York Yankees +400

After coming off a heartbreaking loss in the ALCS in Houston the Yankees look to reload and finally get themselves back into the fall classic. Adding Gerrit Cole to an already loaded Yankee squad is going to be a scary sight for opposing teams come playoff time. As a huge Yankee fan I would definitely sprinkle a little money on this team because I can’t really see any team in the American league knocking this squad off.


Houston Astros +650

It pains me to even speak about this disgrace of an organization but the Astros have the 3rd best odds to win this years World Series so I can’t just leave them out. I think every team will go out of their way to beat this team and the pressure will all be on the Astros. I just think they won’t be able to take it even for the 60 games. I would not put any money on this team because god knows how good they really are when they can’t cheat anymore. 


Atlanta Braves +1300

Last but not least we have the Braves who currently sit with the 4th best odds to win the World Series and the 2nd best odds for a National League team. Coming off a terrible end to last season with a 13-1 loss to the Cardinals in game 5 of the NLDS, the Braves look to bounce back with a core of Acuna, Swanson and Freeman, the Braves have a real shot at winning it all this year. I’m on the fence about this team but i’m leaning more towards putting some money on them, they have pretty solid odds to make a good amount of money back and a lot of potential. 


So with a 60 game season it is going to be very easy for a top team like the ones I just talked about to have a slow start and slip out of the playoff race leaving a spot open for dark horse team to start hot and manage their way into the playoffs. Here are a few of my favorite dark horse teams for this years baseball season.


New York Mets +2200

The Mets are forming a pretty good young core with Alonso, Mcneil and Conforto while also having one of if not the best pitchers in the game in Jacob DeGrom. The Mets are known to go on very hot streaks and then a very cold streak but with less games to lose if they can manage a way to start hot and then finish hot, there is a very good chance the Mets can win it all this year. If i’m a Mets fan I am definitely taking this future and watching every game on the edge of my seat.


Cincinnati Reds +2500

The Reds finished below .500 in a very tough NL Central Division last year but I still like this team very much. Joey Votto is one of the best players in the league that no one ever talks about and there are a lot of other solid players on this Reds team along with a pretty good pitching staff. If the Reds get hot late in this season I expect some big things from them.


Los Angeles Angels +3300

With the addition of Anthony Rendon to an already pretty good roster this Angels squad has a lot of the parts to a championship team. Trout, Ohtani, Rendon are all huge pieces that if they can get in a groove I would be scared to pitch against this team. The only thing holding this team back is the pitching staff but if a few guys step up and get the job done the Angels can most certainly find their way into the playoffs.


By Andrew Kalb


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