The Third 5 Star Recruit and UCLA Commit, Daishen Nix, forgoes college and heads to the G-League

The money making sham that is the NCAA loses yet another one of their best money making opportunities. Daishen Nix, a former UCLA commit and No.1 ranked PG in the 2020 class has informed his school, coaches and teammates that he will no longer be attending UCLA to get ready for the upcoming season but rather joining the G-league to prepare for the NBA draft. Nix now joins two other 5 star recruits in the G-league, five-star forward Isiah Todd and the No. 1 recruit of the 2020 class Jalen Green.


The main reason for more and more of these top tier players no longer going the traditional college basketball route is a mix of fucked up rules between both the NCAA and NBA. The NBA now requires you to be one year removed from high school before you can declare for the draft which really should not be a rule considering the great players of: Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett to keep the list short did not attend college and went straight to the NBA after high school. The NCAA’s part in this is that they pose as a “non-profit” organization but still bring in billions of dollars in revenue every year and don’t let any of the players sniff a dime of that money. So this problem of star high school players forgoing their college careers rests mostly on the organization of the NCAA. 


More and more players are now realizing that they don’t have to go play basketball in college, can still get drafted to the NBA, and can still get paid while doing it all, what 18 year old star basketball player wouldn’t take up that opportunity? We’ve seen it in 2019 with star recruit, RJ Hampton, heading to get paid by playing basketball over seas and rejecting offers from schools like Kansas, Duke and UNC. College basketball blue bloods are being out recruited by the day because the NCAA won’t change their stubborn outdated rules in regards to paying players. So now we end up with 3 five star recruits all heading to play in the G-league where the average salary is $35,000 and these 3 stars will all be making significantly more than that when they all hit the court. As a huge college basketball fan it sucks to watch the nations top players go play for another system but how can you blame them? One star player in 2019, 3 in 2020, the number of top players skipping college for another league will only increase unless the NCAA can pull their heads out of their asses and figure out this problem for their and every college basketball fan’s sake.


By Andrew Kalb


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