College Athletes to be Paid? Not Yet But we are One Step Closer than we were Yesterday

Right off the top there needs to be some clarification regarding the latest news on college athletes being paid. The first thing to address is that this is only a proposal and nothing is official as of now and although I hope this plan comes to fruition as soon as possible with all the world of college athletics is going through at the moment this issue is going to be one of the last ones they address as the NCAA is known for cheating people out of their rightful owed money. 

So as of now the news that broke earlier today is the top governing body of the NCAA supports a proposal that would allow college athletes to benefit of their name, image & likeness that would hopefully take effect by 2021-22 seasons. With the lack of new news especially in the world of sports this situation has been blown entirely out of proportion. The NCAA recommends that this proposal is fully drafted by October 31, 2020 and is 01football_span-articleLarge-v2planned to be voted on by January 31, 2021. Unfortunately there is still a lot of way to go before college athletes can officially start making money but this is a great start.

Like I mentioned in The Third 5 Star Recruit and UCLA Commit, Daishen Nix, forgoes college and heads to the G-League yesterday, the NCAA would need to change their policy around the topic of athletes making money and with perfect timing this news was released today. This is a complicated subject for sure so i’m going to break it down as much as I can. The top college athletes wether it be in football, basketball or any sport will not be getting a traditional salary form of payment from the school directly but rather now given the opportunity to sign with a company like Nike or Gatorade post a few things on Instagram or Twitter and boom they’re getting paid. Players would also be allowed to sign with an agent to help them land marketing deals or a mall jersey signing gig somewhere, this opens a world of opportunity for the top college athletes to get the money they deserve while also keeping the integrity of college athletics. This also finally solves the problem of top college basketball recruits skipping the college opportunity and heading over seas or to the G-league just so they can make some money. I pray that this proposal works out for the entire sake of college athletics but it will still be quite some time until we see any real change.


By Andrew Kalb


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