2020 NFL Mock Draft

The NFL Draft is slowly approaching giving the American people something to look forward to. This years draft will be something unlike we’ve ever seen with the commissioner hosting a fully virtual draft. The playes in this years draft should make for historic night in one way or another. But with that being said here is my thoughts on how I think this years drafts top 15 picks are going to turn out.


cincinnati-bengals-logo-transparent#1 Cincinnati Bengals 

Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

 This pick is a no brainer on so many levels, Burrow has been regarded as this years top pick for many months now and that isn’t changing anytime soon.


washington-redskins-png--1200#2 Washington Redskins

Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State

 Much like Burrow, Chase Young has been regarded as the best player in this draft for quite some time now so even though I don’t agree I don’t see the Redskins passing up on Young at the #2 spot.


580b585b2edbce24c47b2b35#3 Miami Dolphins TRADE W/ Detroit Lions

Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

 This is a bit of a risky prediction but when you look at it, it makes total sense. Tua was thought to be the #1 pick in this years draft before his injury and the explosion of Joe Burrow’s draft stock so teams are being cautious towards Tua’s injury but the talent he’s shown through his college career I think the Dolphins would be making a huge mistake to pass up on him. As for the trade with Detroit it just makes sense for the Lions to move down
as they don’t need a QB and for the Dolphins to move up to get their shot at drafting a QB over teams like the Chargers who need a QB.


new-york-giants-logo-transparent#4 New York Giants 

Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson

 I believe that Isaiah Simmons is the best defensive player in this draft and he should be regarded as better than Chase Young but for some reason he is not. Simmons is proven to be able to lineup pretty much anywhere on the defensive side of the ball. Simmons is the best choice for the Giants at this spot in the draft.


detroit-lions-logo-transparent#5 Detroit Lions TRADE W/ Miami Dolphins

Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State

 Here is where the Lions move down to pick the same plyer they would have picked at #3 so the trade just makes sense for both teams however I don’t think this pick makes sense. In my opinion CJ Henderson is the best CB in this draft but for some reason many other mocks have Okudah going to the Lions so even though I don’t agree with the pick I think this is who the Lions draft.


los-angeles-chargers-logo-transparent#6 Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

 The Chargers get their successor to good ole Phillip Rivers in a great young QB in Herbert. He was thought to be the Giants new QB in last years draft but after his decision to stay at Oregon for his senior year it left the Giants with Daniel Jones and now lands himself in LA.


carolina-panthers-logo-transparent#7 Carolina Panthers

Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn

 Brown is a steal at this point in the draft. I think he is the second best defensive player in this draft behind Isaiah Simmons and it would be a huge mistake for the Panthers to pass up on a great interior defensive lineman at this point in the draft.


arizona-cardinals-logo-transparent#8 Arizona Cardinals

Tristan Wirfs, OL, Iowa

 This is a simple pick for the Cardinals at this spot gaining a huge part of protecting their franchise QB in Kyler Murray.


580b585b2edbce24c47b2b2f#9 Jacksonville Jaguars 

Javon Kinlaw, DL, South Carolina

 Kinlaw is a great pass rusher being ranked just around the #3 pass rusher according to most rankings just behind Chase Young and Derrick Brown so picking Kinlaw at this spot is a huge get for the Jaguars in pursuit of replacing Calaias Campbell.


cleveland-browns-logo-transparent#10 Cleveland Browns 

Jedrick Wills, OL, Alabama

 Picking Wills here is a great pick for Cleveland after a rather disappointing season last year Wills could go a long way at protecting Baker Mayfield and getting a few more wins in the 2020 season.


1200px-New_York_Jets_logo.svg#11 New York Jets

Ceedee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

 Here we have our first WR off the board in what I expect to be a huge WR draft and quite possibly the best WR draft of all time. Although I believe that Jerry Jeudy is better than Ceedee Lamb I also believe that many teams may not agree and one of them being the Jets picking Lamb over Jeudy with the 11the pick.


oakland-raiders-logo-transparent#12 Las Vegas Raiders

Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

 The Raiders will pick whichever WR the Jets do not pick and what I believe is they will get the best receiver in this years draft at the #12 spot.


580b585b2edbce24c47b2b55-1#13 San Francisco 49ers TRADE W/ Indianapolis Colts

CJ Henderson, CB, Florida

 The Super Bowl runner up gets the best cornerback in this years draft to add on to an already great defense with the 13th pick. The Niners traded with the Colts a month or two ago to give them this pick in the draft and I think they make the most of it by selecting Henderson.


tampa-bay-buccaneers-logo-transparent#14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Andrew Thomas, OL, Georgia

 The Bucs add a great young offensive lineman in Andrew Thomas to help protect the great Tom Brady under center and looks to play a home Super Bowl this year.


580b585b2edbce24c47b2b21#15 Denver Broncos

Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama

 Another receiver comes off the board in Ruggs and a great one nonetheless. Ruggs rounds out my top 15 pick mock draft this year giving Drew Lock yet another offensive weapon on the other side of the ball from Courtland Suttton.


Some other thoughts I have about this years draft that don’t fit within the top 15 picks is I believe Jordan Love will be a future franchise QB on whatever team is lucky enough to draft him. 


By Andrew Kalb


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