Picks Talk 2/24

Welcome back to Picks Talk after a no pick Sunday we are still coming off a 5-0 Friday and Saturday and we’re here to continue the streak. Kansas came out and showed everyone that they are the best team in the nation by beating the #1 team in Baylor at home, something that almost never happens but the Jayhawks did it. We then had a close finish in the Rhode Island game and covering by .5 point. An OT thriller ends with a 2 point Davidson win over Rhode Island but we still get the cover. This 5 game streak is here to stay and continue into tonight. Let’s get into today’s picks.

Joe’s Picks

I got 2 picks for you all and don’t be afraid to tease them, I am that confident, to better your odds. Here is what I’m thinking, a full slate of college basketball, and two games that should be fun to watch. Kansas is riding high and hot and Florida State needs a signature in to improve their seed line come March

The Picks: (tease 2 team, 4 points)

Kansas -11/Florida State +2.5

If you tease these games, I fully expect this bet to hit. Florida State I expect to win and even if they don’t, I don’t see them losing by more than 2 points. They are simply a better team at home.

And Kansas? Kansas is coming off the biggest win of the year, at #1 Baylor. They’re going to be the #1 team come Monday night, and last time they were given #1, they lost the first game they had it. Won’t happen this time and I expect Kansas to win big, even if the spread has jumped to 15 by Monday morning.

Kalb’s Picks

WVU -5.5

WVU at Texas, 7:00 pm The Mountaineers are coming off a tough OT loss to TCU and dropping 4 of their last 5. 2 of those losses were to the #1 team at the time in Baylor and the now #1 team in Kansas so you can’t really put it that much against them. Although Texas is coming off 2 big wins I still think WVU gets this win by a lot and we continue this win streak.

Nets -3.5 Magic at Nets, 7:30 pm We bet against the Magic on Friday night and got a huge win out of it so I plan to do it again. The Nets are a pretty good team even without Kyrie and the Magic are pretty bad so I think the Nets win this game by around double digits. This game reminds me of the Mavs Magic game on Friday so I see a big Nets win tonight to push this win streak to 7-0.

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