Picks Talk 2/22

WOW what a day we had yesterday, a clean sweep, 3-0. St. Peter’s got us our first win of the day by winning outright to easily cover +2. Our next pick of the night was the Dallas Mavericks who came out hot but then suddenly slowed down to keep the Magic in the game and even let them take a lead at one point but Doncic and the Mavs took control in the 4th quarter and won the game by 16 points to cover 4 points with ease. And finally the Celtics, much like the Mavs they came out strong and let the Timberwolves back in the game but then took back control in the final minutes of the game to win by 10 points and cover. We’re going to keep this hot streak going today and sweep todays slate. Let’s get into todays picks.


Kalb’s Picks (12-6-1):


Kansas ML

#3 Kansas at #1 Baylor


 Kansas takes on the #1 team in the nation in just about an hour in what may be the biggest game of the year. Last time these two teams played Baylor did beat them at home but a lot of people forget that Devon Dotson was restricted a lot of the game due to injury. Dotson and Aduka come into Waco and definitely aren’t allowing Baylor to sweep the Jayhawks this season. Kansas finds a way to win this game.


Rhode Island +2.5

Rhode Island at Davidson


 This line makes zero sense to me. URI is the second best team in this conference and Davidson is proven to be a fraud this year. I have no idea how Rhode Island is getting points here but let’s take advantage of the line and make some money today. Let’s ride for another 2-0 day today!!

Joe’s picks


 I thought Kalb was going to take my pick today, but thankfully he didn’t. I got one in the afternoon that I love, and I can’t believe I’m going to do it, but here we go:

The pick: Virginia/Pittsburgh Over 110

The odds just changed, it was originally 109 as the over which I loved. It’s crazy how 1 point can change my outlook on a game but regardless, I still love it. The reason why I said i can’t believe I’m taking it is because does Virginia ever go over in any game? They are an defensive juggernaut. They had a game this year where the over was 105 and the game finished with a combined 75 points. Ridiculous. But 110 is to good of a line not to take, so let’s win some money.

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