Picks Talk 2/17

What a way to end the week, a 3-0 day for your boys over at Picks Talk. Iowa wins outright to easily cover +5 and gets the ML win for our parlay. San Diego State keeps things rolling and puts a beating on Boise State to win by 17 and easily cover a 5.5 point spread. Villanova didn’t look too hot in the first half putting our Iowa/Nova ML parlay at risk but they came out firing in the second half to beat Temple by 20. Let’s continue this little hot streak we have rolling and make some more money today.


Kalb’s Picks (4-3-1):


UNC +3.5

UNC at Notre Dame, 7:00 pm


With a very weak slate of games tonight this is one the only games I have some kind of grasp on. UNC is coming off a gut-wrenching loss at home to Virginia and Notre Dame is coming off a 34 point loss to Duke. I think UNC can find a way to bounce back and definitely keep it close with Notre Dame and possibly win the game.


Xavier -1.5

Xavier at St. John’s, 6:30 pm


St. John’s has not been anything great this year but neither has Xavier. Xavier is coming off a 5 point loss to Butler and looks to bounce back in a big way if they want any chance of making the tournament. This is a must win for Xavier tonight. I think they win this game by double digits. 


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