NBA All Star Weekend Winners

Folks, we have made it. We have made the NBA weekend that provides no defense, lots of 3’s, lots of dunks, lots of fancy dribbling and a very high scoring game. Okay, maybe it’s just like any other weekend in the NBA, but this is more fun.

We get to watch absolute legends battle it on the court in their best respective abilities. Who will be the best dunker? The best 3 point shooter? Most skilled? We are going to give you the winner for each field and which is your best player to bet on.

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Odds To Win 2020 NBA Dunk Contest



Derrick Jones Jr.


Aaron Gordon


Pat Connaughton


Dwight Howard


This is a good field. I am excited to see Dwight Howard back in the dunk contest, but his prime of dunks are over. Derrick Jones Jr. has springs for feet so he’s going to have some sick dunks. This grouping would’ve been a lot better if we got a Aaron Gordon vs Zach LaVine rematch, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Some people like to say that Gordon was robbed in that contest. I like to to think that Lavine was the deserving winner when I was watching live. But I’ll tell you this much, Aaron Gordon is not losing this go around. He’s going to have some sick dunks up his sleeve, he’s competed in this a few times before and he’s not gonna have another trophy taken away from him. You’re getting him at +150 as the second best odds. Not only do I think he’s going to win, I think he’s the best bet.

The pick: Aaron Gordon (+150)

Odds To Win 2020 NBA Three-Point Contest



Duncan Robinson


Trae Young


Davis Bertans


Joe Harris


Buddy Hield


Devin Booker


Devonte’ Graham


Zach LaVine




This field is sick, I’m not going to lie. These guys are absolute snipers as there pointers and standing by themselves, with no one around them, with this grouping, we might see some word records being broken. Joe Harris is your reigning champion, but does he repeat?

Looking at this field, I have two picks. Both who I think will have a shot at winning and one that his odds are way to good not to take him. And both reign from the BIG 12 conference. Buddy Hield and Devonte Graham are absolutely going to be there at the end and dominate this competition. These 2 young guys are just going to have fun being there and then realize they’re putting up 24 points. Hield shoots 39% from 3 and Graham shoots 37% from downtown. Both not the best but both ridiculously good. These are my guys in this competition. Watching them since their early college days, this competition suits them so well and in a field with no Klay and Curry, this is the time to get it.

The Pick: Buddy Hield (+500)

The pick you have to also take: Devonte Graham (+1000)

Odds To Win 2020 NBA Skills Challenge



Spencer Dinwiddie


Khris Middleton


Jayson Tatum


Pascal Siakam


Shai Gilgeous-Alexander


Patrick Beverley


Domantas Sabonis


Bam Adebayo


This one is tough, like very tough. It’s got all the skills, dribbling, shooting, passing. There’s always that one obstacle that trips guys up. And some guys, once they miss an obstacle after 2 attempts they just give up. You know who I don’t see doing that and who is going to do very well in this competition?

Shai. Gilgeous. Alexander.

That’s my guy in this one. Shai has completely become a more improved player with OKC and has taken on a lead role for the Thunder, and immensely helping a team that was supposed to be bottom feeders in the West, into a force to be reckon with. Shai has all the skills, is quick, can thread the needle and is shooting 35% from 3. All things you need to win this competition. And you’re getting him at really good odds. Out of all these guys, Shai is my favorite to win.

The pick: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

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