Super Bowl 54 Preview and Predictions

Here we have it, the last football game of the year, the Super Bowl. The AFC Champions, Kansas City Chiefs take on the NFC Champion, San Francisco 49ers in a matchup for the ages in South Beach. The high octane offense of the Chiefs will face off against the strong willed defense of the 49ers. Let’s get into a breakdown of this year’s Super Bowl.


Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers

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 The one key to this game will be the quarterbacks on both sides of the ball. Mahomes is coming off a 294 yard game with 3 touchdowns and is proven to air the ball out and score at will. While on the other side of the ball we have Jimmy Garoppolo who is coming off a game that consisted of a 6 for 8 passing completion and 77 yards passing. The Niners were ahead for most of this game so Jimmy G wasn’t really called on to pass that much as they are a run first team to begin with but I’m not so sure how Jimmy will play when he is needed to throw the ball and compete with a quarterback like Mahomes. Another huge key to the game is we all know how good this Niners defense is but just how good will they be versus a generational talent in Mahomes. If the Chiefs can get things going early and stay ahead by a few points I don’t see any way the Niners would get back in the game. This is sure to be a great game to cap off a great NFL season, the Chiefs will win their first Super Bowl since 1970 by the score off 42-38.


By Andrew Kalb


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