NFL Divisional Round Preview & Predictions

This Wild Card weekend was honestly the best Wild Card weekend I’ve seen in my lifetime and with that being said it obviously brought us some huge upsets and possibly the last time we could be seeing many great players play. I went 50% on my predictions from …, getting the Texans and Seahawks picks right but I didn’t think the Saints and Patriots would lose this weekend if anything I thought the Saints and Patriots were locks while the Texans and Seahawks could go either way. Well with the Patriots out of the playoffs we are sure to see a new Super Bowl champion in this new age of the NFL. So with all that being said let’s get into how I think the Divisional round will turn out and how the 1 & 2 seeds play after a nice week off.


Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers

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 I believe this game is going to be much closer than many others may think because quite frankly there is no real home field advantage in San Francisco with the warm weather and not too many passionate fans out in the west it is no where near comparable to a home field of Lambeau or Arrowhead. Kirk and this Vikings team is coming off their biggest win of the year winning in the dome in New Orleans and if you can do that than Levi Stadium isn’t going to be the game changer but I do think the 49ers are flat out better than the Vikings so I say the Niners move on the NFC Championship game beating Minnesota by a score of 24-21.


Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens 

580b585b2edbce24c47b2b61.png  Screen-Shot-2018-01-12-at-8.50.07-AM-e1515776075217-680x380 ravens-logo-png

 Derrick Henry was an absolute work horse for the Titans this past weekend and looks to do the same vs Baltimore. This Ravens team is far too good to fall to these Titans even though they are a very good team the Ravens are just on a whole different level than everyone else. Ravens take one step closer to Miami by beating the Titans 35-17 this Saturday night.


Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs

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 I expect this game to be the best one of the weekends but with the way these playoffs have gone this far you never know what’s going to happen. Despite the presumably cold weather that Arrowhead has in store I think this game will be a shootout. Home field advantage in this game is a huge plus for the Chiefs playing a team from fairly warm Houston who plays 8 games inside a dome; I think this weather is too much to handle for the Texans and the Chiefs win by the score of 42-35.


Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

seattle-seahawks-logo  Screen-Shot-2018-01-12-at-8.50.07-AM-e1515776075217-680x380  580b585b2edbce24c47b2b25.png

Here we have the last game of the weekend and what I thought would be the NFC Championship but thanks to the Saints that is no longer the case. This game will take place in a cold Lambeau field but nothing the Seahawks aren’t used to; for some reason I feel like the Seahawks are almost better or unaffected on the road so this game is sure to be a good one. I think this will be another close game but a lows scoring one also. I really like both these teams a lot and I really don’t know what the difference maker is going to be in this game but I have to stick with my original pick, the Packers. The Packers send the Seahawks home by the score of 17-10.


By Andrew Kalb


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