NFL Playoffs Preview and Predictions

The NFL season has come to an end, which means we are heading right into the playoffs. There are many teams who all have the potential to make a run to Miami and hold up the Lombardi. As we all know the patriots are reigning champions and everyone looks to knock them off their throne and it looks like this is the perfect year to do it. Teams like the Ravens, 49ers, Saints, Chiefs and Packers all have first round byes which means they only need 2 wins to make it to Miami when the Patriots have to win 3 to get to Miami, something they haven’t done in close to a decade. This looks like the year we won’t see the Patriots in the Superbowl and we will see a new team hoist the Lombardi trophy come February 2. So with all that being said, let’s take a look at the how and why I think the 2020 NFL Playoffs will turn out.



 Here is how what I think the playoff bracket will look like after everything is all said and done. A few things I think will happen is The Patriots and Texans handle their first round games with ease but the Ravens are going to roll through the Texans in the divisional round but will play a close one with the Chiefs in the AFC Championship but still end up winning. The Chiefs are going to beat the patriots in the divisional round ending the Patriot dynasty once and for all. Then we head over to the NFC where it gets a bit more interesting, the Vikings and Kirk Cousin can’t win big games so the first round will be an easy win for the Saints and then in the other wild card the Eagles are going to get killed by the Seahawks at home and then the Seahawks will fly over to Santa Clara to play the 49ers for a 3rd time this year and they beat them once and were a blade of grass away from beating them again so I think they shock everyone and upset the 49ers in the NFC divisional round. We head to the Frozen Tundra in Green Bay, Wisconsin where I predict the Saints will take on the Packers and the Packers win to head to the NFC Championship, the Saints are not an outdoor team so playing in Green Bay will be very tough. And finally we have a Seahawks at Packers NFC Championship, the Seahawks are familiar with cold weather but not familiar with the Packers fans so I think home field advantage wins this game for the Packers and they head to Miami to take on Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in Super Bowl 54. A young Lamar Jackson and a veteran Aaron Rodgers meet in the Super Bowl and the Ravens come out on top in a 24-21 close win over the Packers and Lamar Jackson tops off his historic season with a Super Bowl win.


By Andrew Kalb


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