My Updated CFB Top 10 Week 13

 Make sure to read My Updated CFB Top 10 Week 12 before reading this. This week wasn’t expected to be anything too special with only one ranked vs ranked matchup. The week started boring and ended very interesting with some upsets and big wins having a huge impact on the top 10 and the playoff picture. So with that being said, let’s get into how my top 10 looks after week 13.


download-picture-transparent-download-logos-lsu-tiger-png-image-lsu-tiger-png-501_495#1 LSU Tigers (11-0)

Last week: 56-20 W vs Arkansas

Next week: vs #24 Texas A&M

 The Tigers keep their #1 spot with a big win over Arkansas and look to continue their undefeated season next week vs Texas A&M.


1041px-Ohio_State_Buckeyes_logo.svg#2 Ohio State Buckeyes (11-0)

Last week: 28-17 W vs #8 Penn State

Next week: at #13 Michigan

 The Buckeyes stay atop their competition yet again and pretty much solidify a playoff spot if they can manage to win 1 of their next 2 games.


1071px-Clemson_Tigers_logo.svg#3 Clemson Tigers (11-0)

Last week: Bye

Next week: at South Carolina

 Clemson was on a bye this week and looks to continue their undefeated season next week vs South Carolina.


1200px-Utah_Utes_logo.svg#4 Utah Utes (10-1)

Last week: 35-7 W at Arizona

Next week: vs Colorado

 The Utes are now the lone team in the PAC-12 who has a shot at the playoffs following a loss from Oregon last night. Unfortunately now a win from Utah over Oregon in the PAC-12 Championship is no longer that much of a quality win so it’s all going to come down to the committee’s opinion.


1280px-Georgia_Athletics_logo.svg#5 Georgia Bulldogs (10-1)

Last week: 19-13 W vs Texas A&M

Next week: at Georgia Tech

 The Bulldogs still have a shot at the playoffs if they can manage to pull out a win in the SEC Championship but I don’t see that being very likely after what I saw in this week’s game. The Dawgs will have to step it up if they want a shot to beat LSU.


1024px-Alabama_Crimson_Tide_logo.svg#6 Alabama Crimson Tide (10-1)

Last week: 66-3 W vs Western Carolina

Next week: at #16 Auburn

 It’s a shame that the SEC plays such cupcakes the second to last game of the season while other teams are still in conference play and suffering pretty much season ending losses. I really hope to see no more of these cupcake games in the SEC and they schedule an actual tough opponent. 


1238px-Oregon_Ducks_logo.svg#7 Oregon Ducks (9-2)

Last week: 31-28 L at Arizona State

Next week: vs Oregon State

 The Ducks suffered a pretty much season ending loss last night in Tempe. Although there are 3 more games for this team they  now have no shot at the playoffs which was the goal for this team at the beginning of the season.


795px-Oklahoma_Sooners_logo.svg#8 Oklahoma Sooners (10-1)

Last week: 28-24 W vs TCU

Next week: at Oklahoma State

 The Sooners just sneak out of a close win yet again. I really hope the committee makes the right choice and doesnt let the Sooners into the playoffs again so we all don’t have to watch another blowout in the playoffs.


1280px-Minnesota_Golden_Gophers_logo.svg#9 Minnesota Golden Gophers (10-1)

Last week: 38-22 W at Northwestern

Next week: vs #12 Wisconsin

 The Gophers can punch their ticket to Indy to set up a date to play the #2 Buckeyes with a chance of making the playoffs. If the Gophers can win out, I think they would easily deserve to be in the playoffs.


500px-Penn_State_Nittany_Lions_svg#10 Penn State Nittany Lions (9-2)

Last week: 28-17 L at #2 Ohio State

Next week: vs Rutgers

 The Nittany Lions suffered a huge loss this weekend to a very good Ohio State team. Penn State is now out of the playoffs with 2 losses and can now only hope to make a NY6 Bowl.


By Andrew Kalb



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