Reaction To This Week’s CFP Rankings (11/19)

With a college football weekend that gave us Oklahoma’s comeback win, a loss from undefeated Minnesota, a bounce back win by Penn State and a SEC East clinching win by the Georgia Bulldogs. There was a little bit of shake up inside the top 10 which is what we mainly look at this far into the season but there was no movement in the top 4 this week. Let’s take a look at how this weeks top 10 looks.

#1 LSU (10-0)

#2 Ohio State (10-0)

#3 Clemson(11-0)

#4 Georgia (9-1)

#5 Alabama (9-1)

#6 Oregon (9-1)

#7 Utah (9-1)

#8 Penn State (9-1)

#9 Oklahoma (9-1)

#10 Minnesota (9-1)

 Even with a loss Minneosta still manages to stay afloat in the top 10 and very much still has a shot at the playoffs if they can take home the B1G TEN Championship. With the season ending injury to Tua I believe that Alabama at #5 is nothing but a placeholder for other teams to take deeper into the season. While #6 Oregon and #7 Utah both sit at 9-1 and are staring down the barrel of a game for a playoff I think there is no way Bama gets in unless one of these teams gets upset before the PAC-12 Championship. Penn State will get another shot to prove themselves this weekend at #2 Ohio State, the winner of that game will head to Indy for the B1G TEN Championship vs most likely Minnesota and the winner of that will most likely get into the playoffs. The Big 12 shot at the playoffs are now over since they are guaranteed to have a one loss champion without any quality wins so it looks like the 4 playoff spots are going to go to the conferences of the SEC (LSU/Georgia), B1G TEN (Ohio State/Penn State/Minnesota), ACC (Clemson) and finally the PAC-12 (Oregon/Utah) that leaves 4 spots for just about 8 teams. After this week when Ohio State and Penn State play it will be much easier to get a full grasp as to who’s in and who’s out but as of now I think there is only 8 teams that have a clear path to the playoffs.


By Andrew Kalb


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