My Updated CFB Top 10 Week 12

 Make sure to read My Updated CFB Top 10 Week 11 before reading this. This week wasn’t looked at as one that was going to be very special but it did give us some crazy endings and upsets. A few teams inside the top 10 were upset this weekend which is going to lead to some shake up in this weeks top 10. With that being said, let’s get into how this weeks top 10 looks.


download-picture-transparent-download-logos-lsu-tiger-png-image-lsu-tiger-png-501_495#1 LSU Tigers (10-0)

Last week: 58-37 W at Ole Miss

Next week: vs Arkansas

 Another win for the Tigers as they keep rolling and stay a top at the #1 spot.


2000px-Ohio_State_Buckeyes_logo.svg#2 Ohio State Buckeyes (10-0)

Last week: 56-21 W at Rutgers

Next week: vs #9 Penn State

 The Buckeyes take care of business vs Rutgers this weekend but next week they will take on someone whos finally going to give them a game. Next week’s game vs Penn State will be for the winner of the B1G TEN East who would then head to Indy to play for the B1G TEN Championship.


1280px-Georgia_Athletics_logo.svg#3 Georgia Bulldogs (9-1)

Last week: 21-14 W at #12 Auburn

Next week: vs Texas A&M

 The Bulldogs get a nice quality win this weekend at Auburn but there is still a tough path to making the playoffs but it is not entirely impossible yet.


1071px-Clemson_Tigers_logo.svg#4 Clemson Tigers (10-0)

Last week: 52-3 W vs Wake Forest

Next week: Bye 

 The Clemson Tigers beat yet another bad team by a lot of points and don’t look like they’ll be challenged by anyone anytime soon.


1238px-Oregon_Ducks_logo.svg#5 Oregon Ducks (9-1)

Last week: 34-6 W vs Arizona

Next week: at Arizona State

 With this win over Arizona the Ducks extend their winning streak to 9 wins and clinch the Pac-12 North. If the Ducks keep this winning up they’re going to find themselves in the playoffs.


1024px-Alabama_Crimson_Tide_logo.svg#6 Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1)

Last week: 38-7 W at Mississippi State 

Next week: vs WCU

 With the terrible loss of Tua I don’t see the Tide making the playoffs in any way at this point. With so many other teams that rightfully deserve the spot I can’t see Alabama getting in anymore.


1200px-Utah_Utes_logo.svg#7 Utah Utes (9-1)

Last week: 49-3 W vs UCLA

Next week: at Arizona 

 The Utes have finally made their way back on this list as I am finally convinced that they are a pretty solid team. If Utah can keep winning they would eventually meet Oregon in the PAC-12 Championship which would most likely also be for a playoff spot.


500px-Penn_State_Nittany_Lions_svg#8 Penn State Nittany Lions (9-1)

Last week: 34-27 W vs Indiana

Next week: at #2 Ohio State

 After suffering that tough loss to Minnesota many thought Penn State’s playoff hopes were over but that is far from the truth. If they can beat the Buckeyes next week they would head to Indy for a chance at Minnesota again and be a 1 loss B1G TEN Champion who also redeemed their only loss.


795px-Oklahoma_Sooners_logo.svg#9 Oklahoma Sooners (9-1)

Last week: 34-31 W at #13 Baylor

Next week: vs TCU

 What a comeback win for the Sooners on Saturday night. After being down 28-3 at Baylor they someone found a way to comeback and get a win. With this win it also confirms that the BIG 12 will have a 1 loss champion which may kick that whole conference out of the playoffs this year. 


florida-gators-logo-png-transparent#10 Florida Gators (9-2)

Last week: 23-6 W at Mizzou

Next week: Bye 

 The Gators sneak their way back onto this list with losses from Minnesota and Baylor. The Gators may make a NY6 Bowl but definitely no playoff hope for them at this point in the year.


By Andrew Kalb


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