Heisman Watch: Week 5

 Make sure to read Heisman Watch: Week 4 before reading this. This was yet again not a very big week of the players on Heisman watch but rather a bad week for some which is slowly pushing them out of this race. The list this week will be shorter than usual due to some top teams being on byes like LSU, Texas and Oregon, so with that being said let’s see how these top players performed this weekend.


maxresdefault.jpgJalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma

 Hurts is back off a bye week for the Sooners and was ready to show out on Saturday. Hurts lead the Sooners to a 55-16 win over Texas Tech while recording 415 passing yards, 3 touchdowns and 1interception on 17/24 passing attempts. He also rushed for 70 yards and another touchdown. 


Johnathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin

 After a huge week vs Michigan Taylor took a step back this week vs Northwestern. He still had a pretty good game but just not a true eye catching game you usually see out of Taylor. In the Badgers 24-15 win over Northwestern Taylor had 119 rushing yards and 1 touchdown on 26 rushing attempts.


Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

 Once again the pre-season Heisman favorite isn’t going to win the trophy or even come close at this point. In Clemson close 21-20 win over UNC Lawrence recorded 206 passing yards and 1 touchdown. In a game like this Lawrence should have almost triple these stats. Lawrence is quickly falling out of this race with games like this.


usatsi-13430836-220956-lowres.jpgTua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

 Unlike Trevor, Tua had a great day on Saturday. In Alabama’s huge 59-31 win over Ole Miss Tua put up 418 passing yards and 7 total touchdowns. Games like this are really going to put Tua ahead of a lot of other players in this conversation. 


Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State

 This kid really is the real deal and there doesn’t look like anyone is going to stop him. If there was gonna be a game where he took a drop in performance it would have been this one but he did the opposite of that. In the 48-7 win @ Nebraska Fields recorded 212 passing yards and  4 total touchdowns. More games like this and i’d expect to see Fields in New York come December.


By Andrew Kalb


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