My Updated CFB Top 10 Week 4

 Make sure to read My Updated CFB Top 10 Week 3 before reading this. This week was one of the most looked forward to weeks of the year with more than a few great matchups. There were more than a few games that brought some surprising finishes and a lot of shake up in the top 10 so let’s see how my top 10 looks after week 4.


1071px-Clemson_Tigers_logo.svg#1 Clemson Tigers (4-0)

Last week: 52-10 W vs Charlotte

Next week: @ UNC

 The Tigers from Clemson keep on rolling and don’t look like they’ll be stopped anytime soon so expect to see them in this spot for weeks to come.


1024px-Alabama_Crimson_Tide_logo.svg#2 Alabama Crimson TIde (4-0)

Last week: 49-7 W vs Southern Missouri 

Next week: vs Ole Miss

 Similar to Clemson, Alabama keeps rolling over their opponents and will most likely stay in this #2 spot for most of the season.


1280px-Georgia_Athletics_logo.svg#3 Georgia Bulldogs (4-0)

Last week: 23-17 W vs #7 Notre Dame

Next week: Bye

This game was circled on any college football fan’s schedule since 2017. The Irish kept this game much closer than I expected so that’ll move Notre Dame up in the rankings and keeps the Dawgs right where they were last week.


download-picture-transparent-download-logos-lsu-tiger-png-image-lsu-tiger-png-501_495#4 LSU Tigers (4-0)

Last week: 66-38 W @ Vanderbilt

Next week: Bye

 With LSU being the 3rd SEC team in the top 4 it means that there is bound to be a lot of shake up in the playoff picture since all 3 of these teams would have to play each other at some point. The Tigers keep playing the way they should and they should be set on a great season.


1041px-Ohio_State_Buckeyes_logo.svg#5 Ohio State Buckeyes (4-0)

Last week: 76-5 W vs Miami (OH)

Next week: @ Nebraska 

 The Buckeyes get another huge win this weekend and with a certain team already losing a B1G TEN conference game they are now in the drivers seat of the conference.


university-texas-longhorn-clipart-free-longhorn-longhorn-logo-university-texas-longhorn-png-free-320_161#6 Texas Longhorns (3-1)

Last week: 36-30 W vs Oklahoma State

Next week: Bye

 The Longhorns start their Big 12 run by beating a pretty solid team in Oklahoma State. This puts some confidence in the team after their loss to LSU a few weeks back so I expect a huge  run from this team this season.


1138px-Notre_Dame_Fighting_Irish_logo.svg#7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (3-1)

Last week: 23-17 L @ Georgia

Next week: vs #21 Virginia

 It’s not often where you see a new team on this list come from losing their most recent game but to go into Athens and only lose by 5 points that is something very impressive to do. The Irish most likely have no shot at the playoffs now after last seasons showing by Irish and having no conference championship I just don’t see a way they make the playoffs.


1158px-Auburn_Tigers_logo.svg#8 Auburn Tigers (4-0)

Last week: 28-20 W @ Texas A&M

Next week: vs Mississippi State

 I think everyone is overlooking this very good Auburn team this year. Although they would still have to beat Alabama then most likely Georgia to make any case for the playoffs I don’t think it’s impossible for them to do.


795px-Oklahoma_Sooners_logo.svg#9 Oklahoma Sooners (3-0)

Last week: Bye

Next week: vs Texas Tech

 The Sooners were on a bye this week and take on Texas Tech next week.


1238px-Oregon_Ducks_logo.svg#10 Oregon Ducks (3-1)

Last week: 21-6 W @ Stanford

Next week: Bye

 With a loss from Utah on Friday that puts this Oregon team in prime position to run away with the PAC-12. If the Ducks can keep on winning I think they can make a case for the playoffs this year.


By Andrew Kalb


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