My Updated CFB Top 10 Week 2

Make sure to read My Updated CFB Top 10 Week 1  before reading this. Week 2 is over and there has finally been a little bit of a shake up in the top 10 after a few great games and near upsets. This was a pretty interesting week as some top teams finally got tested to see how they performed versus other top teams. Let’s see how my top 10 looks after week 2.


1071px-Clemson_Tigers_logo.svg#1 Clemson Tigers (2-0)
Last week: 24-10 W vs #12 Texas A&M

Next week: @ Syracuse


 Clemson didn’t really have much proving to do but they did it anyways. They put a pretty good beating on a top 12 team in Texas A&M so after that win it’s going to be pretty hard for Clemson to miss the playoffs barring something really crazy happens.


1024px-Alabama_Crimson_Tide_logo.svg#2 Alabama Crimson Tide (2-0)

Last week: 62-10 W vs New Mexico State

Next week: @ South Carolina 


 Alabama has played pretty much no competition the first 2 weeks of this season but will finally get some competition next week @ South Carolina. I don’t see the Gamecocks giving Bama much trouble at all next week but at least it’s somewhat of a good team.


1280px-Georgia_Athletics_logo.svg#3 Georgia Bulldogs (2-0)

Last week: 63-17 W vs Murray State

Next week: vs Arkansas State


 Much like Alabama, Georgia hasn’t really played anyone yet this year but will eventually get to play more competition than Bama later in the year. Really nothing much to talk about here or for next week the Bulldogs will just keep taking care of business as usual.


download-picture-transparent-download-logos-lsu-tiger-png-image-lsu-tiger-png-501_495#4 LSU Tigers (2-0)

Last week: 45-38 W @ #9 Texas

Next week: vs Northwestern State


 Coming into this week this was a huge game for both teams looking like the loser’s season would take a huge hit but the way this game turned out it doesn’t really seem that way. This really helps LSU’s playoff chances but they are still going to have to beat Alabama and most likely Georgia at some point this year so there is really no telling what’s gonna happen in the future.


1041px-Ohio_State_Buckeyes_logo.svg#5 Ohio State Buckeyes (2-0)

Last week: 42-0 W vs Cincinatti

Next week: @ Indiana 


 The Buckeyes put a pretty good beating on Cincinnati on Saturday. Ohio State gets their first road test next week @ Indiana and even though it should still be a pretty easy win for the Buckeyes you never know.


university-texas-longhorn-clipart-free-longhorn-longhorn-logo-university-texas-longhorn-png-free-320_161#6 Texas Longhorns (1-1)

Last week: 45-38 L vs #6 LSU

Next week: vs Rice


 Texas suffered a huge loss in a very close game vs a very good team so this loss isn’t going to really affect much if they can win the rest of the games on their schedule. 


795px-Oklahoma_Sooners_logo.svg#7 Oklahoma Sooners (2-0)

Last week: 70-14 W vs South Dakota

Next week: @ UCLA

 Another big win for Oklahoma but they also have not played any great teams so far this season so I’m not 100% sold on them yet but I think after a few more games like this I’ll have no choice but to be sold on them.


1280px-Michigan_Wolverines_logo.svg#8 Michigan Wolverines (2-0)

Last week: 24-21 (2OT) W vs Army

Next week: Bye


 Michigan did struggle with Army at home this week which is a little bit worrying for me and Michigan fans across the country but not too worrying. People seem to forget that at the exact same time of the year last year Army took Oklahoma in Norman to overtime to then lose on a late interception. A team who made the playoffs and had the Heisman winner going to overtime with pretty much the same team we went to overtime with doesn’t really bother me that much.


1158px-Auburn_Tigers_logo.svg#9 Auburn Tigers (2-0)

Last week: 24-6 W vs Tulane

Next week: vs Kent State


 You would think Auburn should have won this game much a much larger difference but a win is a win and with Auburn already having a big win vs Oregon under their belt, I don’t think there is a need to worry over this score.


1238px-Oregon_Ducks_logo.svg#10 Oregon Ducks (1-1)

Last week: 77-6 W vs Nevada

Next week: vs Montana


 The Ducks bounced back just the way I thought they would with this huge win. Oregon is also now in the drivers seat for the PAC-12 after a tough loss from Washington last night so if a few things fall their way and they can win out the Ducks could make a case for the playoffs come December.


By Andrew Kalb


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