Packers- Bears “preview”

I know what you’re thinking , why the fuck is this guy up at 2am on a Wednesday blogging. I’ll tell you sorry fucks why, because the Green Bay MOTHER FUCKING PACKERS PLAY TODAY. I’ve had a throbbing erection for much longer than four hours but I refuse to call a doctor. I’m going to try and be humble about the Packers chances really taper expectations. Week 1 we have a fucking cake walk, regular season hero Khalil “Fat boy” Mack and Da Bears come to Lambeau field south for a NFC North battle. We’ve had so many great memories at our second home. NFC North Championship game in 2010, Rodgers to Cobb on 4th and 8 week 17 is still my most played video on pornhub, and countless others. So let’s get into some predictions , game by game some would say.

Week 1: Packers 49 – Bears 0. We don’t say the G world anymore but if we did I would G my fucking house on the Packers covering this game. 12’s penis is too well groomed, too long, and too tough for the Bears. I really don’t see us losing at all this season. Honest to god hand on bible that’s my prediction.

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