2019-20 College Football Preseason Top 10

The first game of the season is almost only a week away so there is no better time to discuss preseason rankings then now. These rankings are based off a mix of last years outcomes and this years predictions. It’s very hard to predict how the season will go but I think I can give it my best shot so let’s get into my preseason top 10 going into the 2019-20 season.


1071px-Clemson_Tigers_logo.svg #1 Clemson Tigers

 Coming off an undefeated season and a national championship Clemson is clearly the most dominant team in college football going into this season so Clemson gets the #1 spot with ease.


1024px-Alabama_Crimson_Tide_logo.svg#2 Alabama Crimson Tide 

 Last year Bama looked by far like they were the #1 team with who everyone thought was the #1 QB in the nation Tua Tagovailoa but once they faced a great team in Georgia and an amazing team in Clemson Bama underperformed immensely. Obviously they are still a great team I don’t believe they are as good as Clemson right now.


1280px-Georgia_Athletics_logo.svg#3 Georgia Bulldogs 

 Georgia is coming off a Sugar Bowl loss to Texas and just missing the playoffs last year. The Bulldogs were definitely a better team than Notre Dame last year but had a bad loss to LSU and Alabama forcing the committee to keep them out. The Dawgs return a lot of talent and I expect a solid season yet again from Georgia.


1280px-Michigan_Wolverines_logo.svg#4 Michigan Wolverines 

 The Wolverines are coming off what at first looked to be a very good season but after a loss to Ohio State and then Florida the season was not looked at as too great. However this year I think Michigan turns it around and finishes out the year with a win over Ohio State. The Wolverines will be running a new style offense this year which I think will really benefit them as a team.


university-texas-longhorn-clipart-free-longhorn-longhorn-logo-university-texas-longhorn-png-free-320_161#5 Texas Longhorns

 I have very high hopes for Texas and QB Sam Ehlinger this season I think Sam could bring Texas back to what they once were this year. Texas is the 2nd favorite to win the Big 12 behind OU but I don’t believe OU will be as good this year as they were in the past so this year is all Texas’ in the Big 12.


1041px-Ohio_State_Buckeyes_logo.svg.png#6 Ohio State Buckeyes

 Based off last year it’s kind of hard to not put OSU in the top 10 but I think this year will be a down year for the Buckeyes and they will finish a lot lower in the rankings from where they started. 


795px-Oklahoma_Sooners_logo.svg#7 Oklahoma Sooners

 Just like Ohio State, Oklahoma had a good year last year and a lot of people expect big things from them to start out the year but by the end of the year they will not be this highly ranked.


download-picture-transparent-download-logos-lsu-tiger-png-image-lsu-tiger-png-501_495#8 LSU Tigers 

 LSU is a very very good team all around but just doesn’t get much hype since they would need to beat teams like Georgia and Alabama to make any serious noise and make the playoffs. LSU will have a very successful season but I don’t know about the playoffs.


florida-gators-logo-png-transparent#9 Florida Gators

 Just like LSU being in the SEC is very hard to make the playoffs for any team but that doesn’t mean the Gators aren’t any good because they are. QB Felipe Franks looks to carry the Gators to another top 10 season and I think he’ll do just that.


1238px-Oregon_Ducks_logo.svg#10 Oregon Ducks

 Unlike the other teams on this list Oregon had a pretty bad season last year going 8-4 and only making the redbox bowl and then beating Michigan State 7-6. This year Oregon looks like they are very motivated to win the PAC-12 and I think they can do just that with star QB Justin Herbert and WR Juwan Johnson this team has a lot of talent coming into this year.


By Andrew Kalb


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