Golden Tate Officially Suspended 4 Games


That’s what Dave Gettleman preached this offseason. Signing and bringing in “high character, New York Football Giant, guys”. And like everything else Gettleman has done with this Giants team, it fell right on its face.

Golden Tate is officially suspended for 4 games. Whether he knew what he was doing or not, he did stuff that was against NFL policies and he should’ve known better. And you know what, I understand he had a case against the NFL, but Golden Tate is not a good guy. I’ll root for him because I have too but this is the guy who mocks other players, he allegedly slept with his QBs wife and continues to throw shade at his former teammates, so I’ll hold off defending this guy until he proves his worth on the Giants.

It just bothers me that Gettleman is a liar and a hypocrite. The Giants have turned into a laughable organization ever since this guy took over. Every former player never has anything good to say about him, they continue to talk about how it’s all about him and he lies to players. We all know this is true from this past, brutal offseason. But to preach bringing in high character guys, only to have more chaos and more storylines now than when we had the “cancer in the locker room, bad teammate, diva” player on our roster and we all know who I’m taking about.

I understand we look at the Giants so highly and we love the Giants to death, we’ll always defend them, but in the eyes of our beholders, we have turned into a laughable, dumpster fire and that’s all for to Gettleman and John Mara. Until they change their ways, we’ll never get better.

1 post season appearance since 2012. Just remember that folks. And it’s not getting any better any time soon.

Let’s pray DJ and Saquon can lead this team back. They’re our only hope.

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