CFB Power 5 Predictions for 2019-20

The best time of year is slowly upon us, College Football season. After a not so exciting year in comparison to how crazy some seasons could get i’m hoping for a great season this year all around the nation. Let’s get into how I think each power 5 conference will look like at the end of the year.

Atlantic_Coast_Conference_logo.svg    ACC

 The first conference on the list and the conference that I am most confident in picking the correct winner. It is very clear to everyone that Clemson is the only great team in this conference as of now so I 100% believe Clemson wins the ACC with ease and I think they will beat UNC in the conference championship game.

Big_12_Conference_logo   Big 12

 Another Conference that I am highly confident in picking the winner. I believe Texas comes out of the Big 12 as champions this year finally bringing them back to what they once were. Texas will beat Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship in a rematch of last years Big 12 championship.

Big-Ten-Logo.png   B1G TEN

 As a huge Michigan and B1G TEN guy I think the competition in this year’s conference will be a lot of fun to watch. I also believe we will see a new champion who we have not seen in a while. It may be a little bit of bias but there is also some stats to back it up. If there was any year for Michigan to finally win the B1G TEN again it would be this year. It looks like it will be a down year for teams like Ohio State and Penn State so I truly think Michigan wins the B1G TEN championship over Nebraska.

Pac-12_logo.svg  PAC-12

 The PAC-12 has not been a strong competitive conference the past couple years but I think this year is where it changes. I have very high hopes for Oregon with star QB Justin Herbert under center I think they will make some noise and win the conference this year bringing Oregon back to where they were not so long ago with another QB by the name of Marcus Mariota. I think Oregon will beat USC in the PAC-12 Championship.

1024px-Southeastern_Conference_logo.svg.png   SEC

Last but certainly not least we have the SEC. This may be the toughest confrence to predict with such top tier teams like Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Auburn and Florida. All of these teams have some potential to make some noise and win the SEC. Personally I think we will most likely see a rematch of last years SEC Championship game in Alabama vs Georgia with a similar outcome in a close Alabama win.

By Andrew Kalb


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