Marcus Stroman traded to Mets

Marcus Stroman is officially a New York Met. In one of the most shocking moves of the MLB season, the New York Mets, currently 6 games out of the playoff race, have become buyers at the trade deadline. The Mets landing the all star pitcher extends the Mets, quote on quote, windows another year.

Personally, I’m all in on this move. It’s weird for the Mets to be buyers at this moment in time but the saying in baseball is you trade your prospects or you trade none of your prospects. There is no in between. The Mets are adding an all star pitcher for 2 pitchers who we don’t know what they’re gonna be at the major league level yet. The Mets prospects could be all stars or they could be busts. But what we do know is that Marcus Stroman is an all star and will be an all star again. He’s a gamer.

If I’m the Mets, I’d extend Stroman tomorrow. He’s coming home to where he’s from. He’s always wanted to be home again. The Mets gave up a haul, so extend him and make sure he doesn’t hit Free Agency in 2020. Give him a 4 year deal for a reasonable, yet effective price.

Stroman brings energy back to Citi Field. Something the Mets have missed since Matt Harvey has been gone. deGrom is a stud, Matz is very solid, but they’re stone cold assassins. They’re not gonna get the crowd fired up. Syndergaard has that potential to bring that energy but hasn’t pitched to his potential in quite some time. However, Marcus Stroman brings that buzz. He brings that energy. He’s a stud and he knows how to pitch in big time games. He is that guy that electrify a crowd, something the Mets need.

Overall, the Mets are getting a stud for 2 pitching prospects and 2 pitching prospects that if you fast forward a year, wouldn’t even be there best pitching prospects. Allen, Wolf and Peterson, all of whom they kept, are still in the system. If the Mets really want to go for it, this was the move to make.

(This is only positive if the Mets extend Stroman)

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