Knicks Fans — there is a Plan

On the midst of day 1 of Free Agency, the Knicks seemed to be “big losers”. They lost Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Deandre Jordan to the Nets. They didn’t sign Kawhi Leonard, or Al Horford, or Tobais Harris, or Jimmy Butler or any “tier 1” free agents. But they did do something, they kept their future open. They kept things where they needed to be. They’re building the future.

On this episode of the “Wait a While Radio” I tell you exactly why Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving did not come to the New York Knicks. I also explain why I like the moves the Knicks did end up making. As a bonus I talked about how the National Media just loves to bash the Knicks and James Dolan no matter what they do.  Real Knicks fans need to listen, if not enjoy, Brooklyn with Mr. Sensitive Kevin Durant.

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