NBA Free Agency Predictions

NBA Free Agency “officially” starts up tonight as the new NBA season becomes underway. I say “officially” because Shams and Woj have been dropping nuclear bomb after bomb already announcing commitments and who will be playing where.

Already we have reports of:

  1. Nikola Vucevic returning to the Magic on a 4 year deal
  2. Kyrie Irving headed to the Brooklyn Nets on a 4 year deal
  3. Kemba Walker going to Boston on a 4 year deal
  4. Derrick Rose signing a 2 year deal in Detroit
  5. Paul Millsap contract being picked up by Denver
  6. Klay Thompson returning to Golden State on a 5 year max contract.
  7. Jonas Valanciunas expected to return to Memphis on a 3 year deal
  8. Harrison Barnes agreeing to a 4 year extension with Sacramento
  9. Kristaps Porzingis being extended to a 5 year max with Dallas

Already plenty of high end, major talent on the move. Now let’s do a little predicting on where the other free agents may land.

Kevin Durant – New York Knicks

Kawhi Leonard – Los Angeles Clippers

Jimmy Butler – Los Angles Clippers

D’Angelo Russell – Minnesota Timberwolves

Kris Middelton – Milwaukee Bucks

Tobias Harris – Philadelphia 76ers

DeMarcus Cousins – Atlanta Hawks

Al Horford – Dallas Mavericks

Bojan Bogdanovic – Utah Jazz

Brook Lopez – Boston Celtics

DeAndre Jordan – Los Angeles Lakers

Malcolm Brogdon – Milwaukee Bucks

Danny Green – Toronto Raptors

J.J Reddick – Philadelphia 76ers

Marcus Morris – Sacramento Kings

Thad Young – Washington Wizards

Rudy Gay – Oklahoma City Thunder

Julius Randle – New York Knicks

Terry Rozier – Phoneix Suns

Terrence Ross – Los Angles Lakers

Patrick Beverley – Los Angles Lakers

Enes Kanter – Sacramento Kings

Robin Lopez – New York Knicks

Trevor Ariza – Golden State Warriors

Wayne Ellington – New York Knicks

Reggie Bullock – Los Angles Lakers

Bobby Portis – Washington Wizards

Ed Davis – Brooklyn Nets

Jeff Green – Houston Rockets

Isaiah Thomas – Charlotte Hornets

Seth Curry – Charlotte Hornets

Kevon Looney – Sacramento Kings

Frank Kaminsky – Milwaukee Bucks

Carmelo Anthony – Los Angles Lakers

Quinn Cook – Orlando Magic

Cheik Diallo – Philadelphia 76ers

Wayne Selden – Indiana Pacers





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