Anthony Davis traded to Lakers

THIS. LEAGUE !!!!!!!

We don’t even get 48 hours to comprehend one of the best dynasties of all time fell, when the Raptors defeated the Warriors. But, hey, that’s the NBA.

Once the NBA Finals end, the Woj bombs start. And we just got a BOMB

Anthony Davis to the Lakers. BI, Zo, Hart, #4 pick and 2 other first round to the Pelicans.

That’s a lot to give up, in my opinion but you gotta think about it like this. The Lakers have LeBron for 3 more years, his prime is in its final stance, and the Lakers just missed the playoffs with this current roster. You need to shake things up. And they did so in a big, big way. The Lakers just added a top 5 player to their roster, along with LeBron James. They’re going to have some money left over, so they better go get some shooters to on the wings to help out LeBron and extend the floor for AD. This puts the Lakers squarely in the mix to win the Western Conference and the Finals all together. Finally, keeping Kuzma is a major win for the Lakers.

Onto the Pelicans. This is a HOMERUN trade for them. A+++++ for David Griffin. You get rid of a player who doesn’t want to be there anymore and you get 3 first round picks (including the #4 pick in this years draft), Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart. All while having the #1 overall pick this year too (Zion). An absolute homerun for the Pelicans and that’s exactly how you rebuild. The Pelicans are gonna be so much fun to watch this season and going to have one helluva squad in the coming years.

Overall, felt like this trade was going to happen, and felt like both teams come out winners here.

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