Kansas fans, rejoice!!! We got our power forward back.

I just tweeted out how I’m on vacation right now (humble brag) and then I got a notification saying we were getting de Sousa news today. That news was gonna determine how my vacation was gonna play out.

WELL !!! He’s free and my vacation is the best vacation of all time.

The NCAA is a corrupt, laughable organization. Them freeing him doesn’t take away the fact that a kid had to miss an entire year of eligibility, but I’m not gonna harp on that anymore. Silvio is free and that’s all that matters. For once, for once, the NCAA did the right thing.

We got our Power Forward back. This is just huge for Kansas. We’re bringing back a veteran player, who helped us get to a final four and a former McDonald all American. This is bigger than any big man recruit we’ve could’ve gotten. Silvio impacts this team so much. He’s gonna be inserted into the starting lineup and there’s potentially, POTENTIALLY, a chance we can run out this lineup.

G: Dotson

G: Hampton

G: Grimes/Ochai

F: de Sousa

C: Udoka


That’s the best team in America right there folks. We can be looking at the starting 5 in November.

Either way, this is big for Kansas. Like I said, we get out starting PF back, we add veteran leadership, a great player and honestly, no one deserves this more than Silvio. He’s gonna come out out BALLING this year. And when he’s introduced to the AFH crowd, get ready, because the roof is gonna explode.


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