James Akinjo is CBB best kept secret

Akinjo in a nutshell

James Akinjo is a 6’0 point guard from Richmond, California he is currently the starting point guard for the Georgetown Hoyas led by Patrick Ewing. Surf through the internet or social media, and you’ll see no talk about Akinjo. James Akinjo is the reigning Big East freshman of the year, he averaged 13.4 PPG, 2.9 RPG, 1 STL, shot 39% from 3, and 81% from the line, the best part is he averaged 5.2 APG which led the Big East. Patrick Ewing’s first season at Georgetown saw them go 15-15 with a cupcake soft schedule and struggle with turnovers all season. In his next season Georgetown went 19-14 and qualified for postseason play for the first time since 2015. The Hoyas played fast, intense, and tough and a lot of that was led by their leader and point guard Akinjo. Akinjo comes from California and has a chip on his shoulder and plays hard and with passion every-time he hits the floor , some of that is due to the fact that his mentor and workout partner Damian Lillard is the same way. Akinjo is a very good defender despite his lack of size, he isn’t afraid to drive to the basket and take contact, and he won’t back down from any challenge- evidence of this is when Georgetown upset Marquette led by Akinjo’s 25 points, while holding star Markus Howard to 8-25 from the field. Akinjo defines a fast, intense, and tough player and that is exactly what Patrick Ewing wants, look out for Akinjo to break out even more and become a household name next season.

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