Bradys 10 Bachelorette thoughts

Before we start we’re officially naming this a Jed friendly blog, that’s my boy and I’m sticking to it.

1.) I have no comment on this competition, I’m going to sit grading the speedo contest just so there’s no red flags here. But if I had to there’s no way Luke doesn’t win, can’t imagine being one of the dad bod guys tough fucking look.

2.) Last time I saw males in speedos it was my dad doing a runway walk at 280 pounds, actually ended up winning. One of my proudest son moments. John Paul’s Jones is an animal and I am 100% down for him and Demi to hook up.

3.) Jed you fucking star singing “‘Mr right” , would’ve won the completion with Mr Brightside but for the sake of the completion he held back. Nothing but respect for my king. Killing the hat as well. Canadian tuxedo is COCKY .com but you do what you want when you can sing and have great hair. 7.4 out of 10 only because you have to go suit there.

4.) Luke????????????? That is not allowed, that’s not a talent go back and pray in the shower you fucking loser. I almost respect his just blatant lying, he’s going to make a great bachelor after boring Colton. Dominates the cocktail part with the blue suit, just body bagging these idiots. Best villain in a crown since…

5.) Hannah looks like she did during bachelor, which isn’t good. She was a Rocket last week, but I make the rules in this space and red is not her color. 4.4/10 for Hannah’s red dress. All white, those jeans this is the Hannah that I expected 2.3/10 for the 1 on 1. This a fucking train wreck she looks like a middle schooler helping at a circus in this outfit. 1.8/10.

6.) Tyler gets the one on one, little bit of surprise it wasn’t the other Tyler. Talking about Colton on your first one on one >>>. Hannah you already are the bachelorette enough with the speech’s. We’ve already blown the longest conversation Colton ever had with a girl on this one on one. This guy is boring as hell though, what a snooze fest of a 1 on 1.

7.) Group date #2 it’s pretty much the other Tyler, Peter and a bunch of irrelevant people. This Cam kid fucking sucks, sitting outside by himself playing that stupid thing. No sympathy over here go get a better haircut then maybe you’ll get a date. BOOOOOOOO. ABCDEF GTFO.

8.) Shes making out with nose ring guy? Peter is too nice of a guy for this show, he’ll go fa,r and be crowd favorite but he’s not going to win. Of course this guy shows up with skinny jeans, boots, and a tucked in dress shirt. As a Texas resident myself I am not impressed, he’s my least favorite what a fucking creep. 0.000000001/ 10, why even entertain this guy. She doesn’t want to kiss you loser.

9.) Tyler C is a true heavyweight, cardigan is flames this mans going to be a problem for team Jed. Would’ve been awesome if he just beat this guys ass, “I gotta go get back to my girl” made me spit out my drink what a fucking stud. Okay copy cat guy in the 1950 suit jacket no copying Tyler. Nose ring man gets the rose, and I’m not going to bother knowing his name because he won’t be around.

10.) Hannah is crying because …🗣 SHE IS A FUCKING NUT JOB🗣 I’m legit scared of her I was going to compliment her dress but now I refuse. SEND CAM THE FUCK HOME IM SO SICK OF THIS ABC SHIT. This picture should just be the entire blog, what in the fuck is going on. I’m literally so scared, they might be perfect for each other.

Tyler C is laying down the gauntlet tonight. This man could be the leader in the club house. Shoes, shirt, and Tie and gets the “I like the way you look at me.” This man is going to be #1 this week. Jed walks in on that..but being the gentlemen he is Luke takes the blame, what a solid guy.

Top 4

1.) Tyler C- Dominant episode from this man.

2.) Luke- I mean there’s really no words she’s into the games he plays.

3.) Jed- There is no bias in this pick, he won the group date rose over Luke for a reason. Tough end of the episode but he handled it well.

4.) Peter- By a thread really because no one else has pushed for this spot.

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