What’s Next for the Knicks?

Tuesday night went just as bad as I expected with the Knicks ending up with the 3rd pick in the draft. It could have been worse and we could have fell all the way to 5 but 3 still isn’t that great. So now there is pretty much no chance at Zion for the Knicks but we’re still going to end up with a pretty talented rookie in either (hopefully) RJ Barrett or Ja Morant. If the Pelicans at #1 and Grizzlies at #2 are smart they would take Zion then Morant leaving RJ for the Knicks. Knowing the Knicks they will somehow manage to screw this up but let’s pray they don’t. So with Zion out of the picture that makes New York even more desirable for Durant as he would be the face of the franchise which is what everyone believes he is looking for. The Knicks have 2 max contract spots and the #3 pick which is pretty good for a team who still has Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson. If i was the GM i would put the #3 pick out on the market and see what you can possibly get for it but i would still plan on keeping it. Then go heavy on trying to sign Durant and Kyrie. If the Knicks can manage to make this work it would be great for not only the whole city of New York but the whole NBA. The league is a lot better when teams like the Knicks are good again so let’s pray Dolan and the Knicks figure out a way to make the Knicks good again.

By Andrew Kalb

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