Xavien Howard is the best corner in the NFL he is now also the highest paid.

True lock-down corners in the NFL are a rare commodity, they are like gold when you find one. The Miami Dolphins have one his name is Xavien Howard not only is he a lock-down corner but he’s the best corner in the league. When Adam Schefter tweeted out Howard became the highest paid CB in the league the twitter threat was littered with who is that? overpaid! and overrated! replies. Xavien Howard is not a household name or a known player but that doesn’t mean he isn’t good, allow me to demonstrate why the Dolphins are making a great move. The Dolphins have now secured this lock-down corner down for the long term, they got one of the leagues most wanted commodities locked down for the future. Howard is more than a simple lock-down corner he’s the best in the league. Howard led the league in interceptions last year… while missing 4 games due to injury. He allowed an eye staggering 26.8 passer rating in cover 2, 3, and quarters- of course best in the league. Overall Howard only allowed a 62.6 passer rating which was good for 2nd in the league. He did all of this while playing for a dysfunctional coaching staff, management, front office, and organization now its time to see what he can do in the seemingly functional Brian Flores era. So no you may not know him but he’s definitely not overpaid or overrated.

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