The Cubs Organization Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

You know what? Scratch that headline. The whole country should be ashamed of ourselves. Is this really what we’ve come to as a society? It’s starting to actually get me mad. Let me explain:

The other day, the Cubs were playing on National TV. Doug Glanville was doing a field side report on the TV, while a fan was sitting right behind him. The fan decided to get all of America with the “👌🏼” game. Harmless fun. Everyone is playing it. And if you don’t know what it is, here it goes.

People make the symbol because it’s a game. It’s like “made you look” and then if you look at it you get punched twice.

Easy, simple, straightforward. Just got to find the most creative way for someone to look at you while making the 👌🏼 and then having them look at the 👌🏼. That’s all it is.

APPARENTLY, this is a white supremacist symbol? I honestly had know idea that was the case. Never in a MILLION years would I have guessed that. Seriously, you could’ve gave me a million years to guess that and I would not be able too. It’s just ridiculous. After doing research I guess I can see why it was used for a white supremacist symbol because your hands make a “WP” but still, does anyone actually think that?

Like Will Cain from ESPN said on his twitter, there is a lot of things that symbol is used for.

1. “Okay”

2. Basketball 3 point shot

3. Playing the 👌🏼 game

Everyone and I mean everyone has used this sign. Whether you’re saying, “it’s okay” or you just pulled up from 3 on the court and knocked one in or, OR, you know the most logical thing going on right now is, you’re playing the GAME !!

I don’t know who this fan is. I’m not claiming I do. Maybe, by the slim chance he was making the white supremacist symbol, I doubt it because he wouldn’t even be doing it right and it sure looks like he’s playing the game. But let’s say he is, shouldn’t the Cubs investigate the situation instead of just banning him for life? Don’t you think we should hear his side of the story. You know Cubs, in America it’s “innocent until proven guilty.” But no, for the Cubs, they saw it, thought they were doing the “PC” right thing to do and just ban the guy for life without even hearing his side of the story, you know the side of the story in where he would’ve said “I’m playing a game, just like EVERYONE in America”.

Of course the Cubs are being crushed on twitter for this as they should be. They banned a guy for life for doing nothing wrong, for playing a game. All while doing no investigation. The Cubs should be ashamed of themselves.

OH YEAH, all on the same night in which the Cubs introduced back to their team and paying him millions of dollars, Addison Russell. You know, the same guy who beat his wife?

What a shameful organization

I guess Ryan Fitzpatrick should be banned from the NFL, right?

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