Bucks sweep the Pistons

I almost wrote this blog at halftime when we were down 6 because I knew these losers weren’t going to hold us. The Pistons even tried to assault the Bucks, and just not play basketball, thankfully the refs were awake and awarded the scum of Detroit plenty of fouls. Now I pissed off all two Pistons fans in the world because I called them barbaric.

They asked why kick a city when it’s down, or struggling, and to that I say it’s not struggling or down if you’ve been that way since the 1920’s. Grow the fuck up Detroit, stop being awful at everything, look at Cleveland being fun I promise you can do it. Giannis finally delivered an MVP playoff performance by being fucking ridiculous, we’ll include some highlights for your viewing pleasure.

And maybe the greatest basketball player ever.

See you soon Celtics. Bucks in 4 baby.

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