NBA Playoff Picks — 4/18

NBA Playoffs are in full swing. Even though the viewership is down across the NBA (9% 😬) the playoffs have delivered so far. The Spurs/Nuggets, 76ers/Nets, Raptors/Magic and Clippers/Warriors are all tied a game a piece. And obviously we saw the Clippers make a historic 31 point comeback against the Warriors. That’s right 31 points. 3-1 points. The Warriors blew a 3-1 series lead.

God I love that joke.

Alright so we got 3 games today, so let’s pick them.

Here’s what I’m going with.

76ers @ Nets (+3.5)

Nets took game 1 but the 76ers looked sloppy in that game. The Sixers looked like themselves in Game 2 and I think they do the same in Game 3.

The pick: 76ers with the Spread

Nuggets @ Spurs (-4.5)

There was a time I thought the Nuggets had no chance in this series. I just didn’t trust them. And that prediction looked good until Jamal Murray poured in 21 points in the 4th to lead an epic Comeback. Still, I like the Spurs to not only win this game but the series.

The pick: Spurs and the Spread

Warriors @ Clippers (+8.5)

Man, this Clippers team is feisty. They’re not good, but they are FIESTY. I love this team. Coming back from 31 points, against the all mighty Warriors in Oracle, in the playoffs?!?? That’s unheard of. I think the Warriors get their revenge tonight, but I don’t think the Clippers will make it easy for them.

The pick: Warriors win, Clippers cover

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