Patrick Ewing to Represent Knicks at NBA Draft Lottery, Knicks Get #1 Pick Because NBA is Rigged

Folks, it’s happening




You can say that 34 years ago was the turning point for the NBA. 34 years ago, the NBA got the famous tag line “THIS LEAGUE!”. Every conspiracy theory, dramatics, and theatrics can be pointed back to the NBA Draft Lottery 34 years ago. The day the NBA became rigged. The day Patrick Ewing became a New York Knick.

Of course the NBA was going to rig the lottery. Patrick Ewing was the most polarizing college basketball player the NBA has seen. Of course they wanted the biggest star in the leagues biggest city. There is no way you can watch that video and tell me the NBA didn’t have a plan in place for the Knicks to get the #1 overall pick. There is no way. The first conspiracy is that the Knicks envelope was frozen so David Stern, then NBA commissioner, knew which envelope was the Knicks. But, that’s just a conspiracy.

In the video, you can CLEARLY see how it was rigged. First, the man who put the envelops in the ball was Jack Wagner who worked for the company, Ernst and Whinney. You’d think that would be okay, right? Well, no. That company worked for the company that owned the New York Knicks at the time. So, boom right there. Rigged and biased. Wagner placed every envelope in correctly, except one. The one he threw in there, against the bar, to make sure the corner was bent. Why? Because that was the Knicks envelope. Stern knew exactly which envelope to pick so the Knicks can be #1.

Why does this matter? To show the NBA is rigged. And well because 34 years later, we’re in the same exact position. No, there is no envelopes this time, but we do have one of the most polarizing college players the NBA has ever seen, Zion Williamson. Just like how Patrick Ewing was one of the most polarizing college players the NBA has ever seen. Now, the NBA is in the same spot. Do they really want Zion Williamson, the most polarizing college player and future All-NBA player to go play in Phoenix or Cleveland? Or does the NBA want Zion to go play in their biggest market, to go save the most valuable franchise the NBA has, the New York Knicks? Come on guys, its not that hard to figure out. I would say the NBA wasn’t rigged if they showed the ping pong balls live, but they don’t. The go into a locked, back room and then come out and reveal which team won the lottery. We have no idea what goes on behind those doors. Folks, it was rigged 34 years ago and it’s rigged now.


And then Ewing drops this line on us a few days ago

Now, people will say the “hint” was that Ewing will represent the Knicks at the lottery. But, I think Ewing knows more. I think the NBA is a very close knit group, and secrets get out within the inner circle. I think Ewing knows KD is coming to the Knicks AND the Knicks are getting the #1 overall pick. Just like how Luke Walton knew the Lakers would keep their top-3 protected pick, because Magic Johnson told him weeks before the lottery.

*45 second mark*


Folks, its not hard. The NBA is a business. They want their best markets and most valuable teams to strive. That’s what makes them the money.

With all that being said, with Patrick Ewing representing the Knicks, with how the NBA works, I’m all but ensuring the Knicks get the #1 pick and get Zion. It’s a lock.






I am a littler nervous about drafting Zion after hearing his voice for the first time and him talking about playing for the Knicks. YIKES!


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