First to Giannis 2019 playoff slaughter house: Detroit Pistons

Bucks racked up the best record in the NBA for just the 3rd time in franchise history today. Our first round matchup is with the absolute scum of the earth from Detroit. This

Vs This

I’m going to be humble, and guess we let the Pistons within 20 points of us one game. Obviously we’re going to sweep that shit franchise, state, city. I’m really not worried about anyone besides the Warriors. We swept the bum ass Pistons 4-0 in the regular season, and I expect the same. Awful nice of the NBA to give us a bye week to get everyone healthy. We’ll probably sit Mirotic, Snell, and Brogdon this entire bye week to get ready for Kyries Bitch ass. Bucks in 4. See you in the semifinals.

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