Kyle Guy, my new best friend, will Avenge my Texas Tech Hatred

If you don’t know already from my twitter account: @joeywingspan, Texas Tech fans don’t like me and I don’t like them. I’ll go as far as saying that is probably be murdered on the spot if I ever enter the worst city in America, Lubbock, TX.

But I don’t know why Texas Tech fans hate me. All I do is tell them facts and the truth. Like how I don’t worry about Texas Tech in terms of BIG 12 play because they won their first conference title this year and Kansas won the last 14 titles. Or how this is Texas Tech’s first ever Final Four. Or like how Kansas is 35-6 all time against Texas Tech. Those are all facts. Nothing I said there is not true. So I guess Texas Tech fans just hate facts.

(I will say, I fear Tech only when Chris Beard is there. The dude is a wizard. I don’t get it. Texas Tech used to suck and now they play for a national Title? Whatever, once Beard is gone, Tech will return to a below average basketball school)

So, like I was saying, Tech fans don’t like me. They come into my mentions everyday to try and dismiss facts. I own real estate in their heads, and they hate me for it. But, I will say, they have gotten their revenge. Texas Tech is playing in the National Title game, so props to them. I still want them to lose by 100. I can’t have the Tech fan base be happy. I just can’t have it.

So, I ran my mouth about how much I hate Tech and it has bit me in the ass a bit. But, my new best friend, Kyle Guy will make it all better.

Why is Kyle Guy my new best friend? Well, because we went viral together.

15,900+ LIKES !!! Instantly my new best friend. Thanks Kyle.

So the Texas Tech vs Virginia matchup is PERFECT for me.

Like this was how it was supposed to happen.

– Virginia avenges their UMBC loss

– I hate on Texas Tech all year

– I make my first ever tweet about Kyle Guy. Goes viral

– Texas Tech runs through the bracket

– But then my new best friend, Kyle Guy, avenges himself and me and wins the National Title.

That’s how it was supposed to happen. Everything led up to this moment. Everything broke right for me to get this moment. And now we’re gonna get it.

Virginia in a BLOW OUT.

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