Final 4 Preview and Predictions

The final couple days of a long and fun college basketball season are slowly approaching. The season will end with the last 3 games in Minnesota this weekend with 2 games on Saturday and the last game of the season the National Championship. In my opinion I think this is a very very bad Final Four but it is only fitting for this years tournament as it was not as exciting as past years but let’s get into how I think this weekends games turn out.

1200px-Virginia_Cavaliers_sabre.svg      final four       1158px-Auburn_Tigers_logo.svg

Saturday, April 6th, 6:09 PM

#1 Virginia Cavaliers vs #5 Auburn Tigers

I was really hoping for better matchups than these but this game looks to be the better of the 2 games on saturday. Auburn plays a very fast style of offense while Virginia plays the polar opposite of offense using mainly a slow pace. However both teams do play good defense so it should be interesting to see how this game turns out. I say Virginia comes out on top by the score of 62-48.

i    final four    886px-Texas_Tech_Athletics_logo.svg

Saturday, April 6th, 8:49 PM

#2 Michigan State Spartans vs #3 Texas Tech Red Raiders

As a Michigan fan and a huge B1G TEN guy this game puts me into a pretzel in terms of who to root for. I think this game will unfortunately be a blowout whether it be one way or the other I just don’t think it’ll be a close game. After watching most of Michigan’s games this year clearly i’m not exactly a big fan of either of these teams but I think Michigan State comes out on top by the score of 79-58.

By Andrew Kalb


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