NBA Futures

Alright folks since the Bucks were super #humble, and waited until this late to clinch I waited on this blog. Little side note the Sixers stink, Embiid is a bum who couldn’t hold Giannis jock strap even if he wanted to. So let’s talk about betting the playoffs, the joke is played out #FadeBrady blah, blah, blah “you lost 1,000 opening weekend of the tourney!” That’s enough from you losers I’m back on track.
With the Playoffs getting under way  April 13th, I’m pretty confident that the Bucks can go all the way at (+190), they have been dominant enough. When it comes to wagering money for the NBA playoffs Knowing how to bet NBA basketball is vital from the moneyline to unique props that are offered leading up to the playoffs. The top spot for the playoffs in the West is all but clinched, the Warriors title odds are as short as they have been all year, sitting at a prohibitive -220.
The more interesting question right now is which of the top-four seeds will win the East. The Bucks, the Raptors (+230) are constantly battling injuries; the 76ers (+275) struggle terribly on the road; and the Celtics (+450) have the deepest roster and the most experience, but are a fractured team.
But after all that I’m still hammering the god damn bucks, because they have the best player in the world, and frankly it’s not close. We win, you lose. Hammer the Bucks, this is for the Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis years. #FearTheDeer

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