Predicting Mets Opening Day Lineup

Opening Day is almost upon us and the Mets are keeping quiet. They refuse to release their opening day roster, to keep the mystery looming on who they will bring to Washington on Thursday. However, as fans, we have a pretty good idea on who will be there.

Here I will provide what I think the Opening Day lineup should be:


  1. Brandon Nimmo
  2. Jeff McNeil
  3. Robinson Cano
  4. Pete Alonso
  5. Michael Conforto
  6. Wilson Ramos
  7. Juan Lagares
  8. Amed Rosario


Now, I understand people will question having Pete Alonso in the cleanup spot, but I like it. The young rookie obviously has the power to be the cleanup hitter and he’ll be protected in the lineup by Cano and Conforto. Also, having Ramos in the 6th spot gives the Mets relief in the bottom of the order. Instead of having Alonso down in that spot, the Mets will have a proven power and contact hitter in that 6th spot, behind Conforto who will get on base. I think that line-up should experiment. Thoughts?


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