March Madness Preview and Predictions

 The best time of the year is finally here, March Madness. The bracket was released on Sunday and games will begin on Thursday. This year’s #1 seeds are Duke, UNC, Virginia and Gonzaga. 3 ACC teams and the weakest of the 4 seeds is the non-ACC team. All 4 teams deserve a #1 spot but 3 #1 seeds from one conference is very impressive even though the B1G TEN has more teams in the tournament 3 #1 seeds is still impressive. Around this time everyone tries to do what no has or ever will do, complete a perfect bracket. No matter how close someone gets there will never be a perfect bracket. There is just way too many surprises that occur this time of the year this tournament is truly unpredictable. Although I do believe this year will be one of the most predictable years in recent memory. There will be many upsets in the early rounds that no one can predict but in the end I think we’ll see the true best teams. Let’s get into a breakdown of some of the top teams and some possible sleepers.

Top Teams

1146px-Duke_Athletics_logo.svg.png   Duke

There is just no words to describe this team. I have never seen a team as dominate as this team. Zion will go down as one of the best college basketball players of all time and if this team doesn’t win it all it will go down as one of the biggest disappointments in sports. The only way I can see this team losing is if they go embarrassingly bad from beyond the arc or Zion fouls out in a close game. So I believe Duke will come out of their region.

2000px-North_Carolina_Tar_Heels_logo.svg.png   North Carolina

This team has beaten Duke twice and lost by 1 on the third try so there is no doubt there is serious talent here. With a weak region I think UNC can easily get to the Elite 8 but they will most likely have to face Kentucky which will be a tough team to face so I think either Kentucky or UNC come out of this region.

1200px-Virginia_Cavaliers_sabre.svg.png   Virginia

Another very talented team whose record has been blemished by the greatness of Duke this year. I think this team is looking for revenge from last year and will make it to the Elite 8 but I don’t think they have what it takes to get to the Final 4.

lgo_ncaa_gonzaga_bulldogs.png   Gonzaga

I think Gonzaga is the weakest 1 seed that could potentially not even make it to the second round. I think they either lose to Syracuse in the second round or to Marquette or Florida State in the Sweet 16.

i.png  Michigan State

As a Michigan fan i’m not a huge fan of this team but I respect them. I think they could possibly be upset in the early rounds but if not I don’t think they’ll beat Duke.

lgo_michigan-wolverines.png   Michigan

This is a very talented team with one of the greatest coaches of all time so another Final 4 run is very likely for this team especially with a weak 1 seed in their region.

2000px-Tennessee_Volunteers_logo.svg  Tennessee

I think this team is very overrated and will lose in the second round to most likely Iowa.

1252px-Kentucky_Wildcats_logo.svg.png  Kentucky

This team with Reid Travis back looks very very good for the tournament and I think there’s a high possibility they come out of their region.


Iowa_Hawkeyes_logo.svg.png   Iowa

With all of this years late game comebacks and buzzer beaters I just feel like this team has the “team of destiny” feel to them. So with that being said my bold prediction for Iowa is that they will make the Final 4.

1200px-Nevada_Wolf_Pack_logo.svg  Nevada

I’m not really sure if I can classify a 7 seed as a sleeper but they weren’t a 1 or 2 seed so I put them under this. This team has tons of talent but with a potential matchup vs Michigan in the second round I really don’t think they got a good seed because this team could easily be a 4 or 5 seed in my opinion.

Wofford_Terriers_logo.svg.png   Wofford

This team has made a lot of noise this year and is currently on the nation’s longest winning streak so just like Nevada there not exactly a true sleeper but there under a 2 seed so there going under this. They will most likely have to face Kentucky in the second round which is tough but they could possibly upset the Wildcats.

Murray_State_Racers_logo.svg   Murray State

This is kind of an obvious sleeper since Ja Morant is the one of the top NBA prospects for this years draft. Markus Howard vs Ja Morant 1st round will be very entertaining and I could see Ja carrying his team far into the tournament.


I can see this team easily upsetting a coach-less LSU in the first round and moving on with some momentum and possibly making it to the Sweet 16.

So all in all my Final 4 prediction is Duke, Michigan, Kentucky and Iowa with a National Championship of Duke Kentucky and Duke coming out on top by a score of 76-73.

By Andrew Kalb


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