It’s all about the future baby

Free agency is in full blown mayhem these last two days, OBJ, Bell, and a whole list of signings, this is the unofficial start of the NFL season so that means we can gamble on the NFL again. I needed the scratch my NFL itch this week so I went over to for some future odds to win the Super Bowl next year. Soccer fans will remember Leicester fans who cashed millions of dollars on ten dollar futures bets when they won the premier league so I’m going for it, and when I go for something I don’t miss. 

Packers +1800- Obviously no bias here, I don’t do biased I just pick winners. The best quarterback, the best looking QB, most handsome coach, and did I mention Aaron Rodgers is their QB? People forget this and its my job to remind them.

Jaguars +3000- They obviously did Blake Bortles very dirty by signing Nick Foles, who is a Super Bowl MVP QB. I also think this defense will make somewhat of a return to form next season and the AFC is one injury away from being an awful conference. Do I think they’ll win the Super Bowl? No, but at +3000 I’m at least willing to throw the dart at the wall on them. 

So those are the two picks I’m riding with today through Bovado’s odds. We also released the first full episode of the podcast last night which included Bachelor recap, NFL Free Agency, Big 10 tournament and everything else your little hearts could desire. 

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