Miami in February looks beautiful

Listen, last season we tanked so we could cut all those fucking losers on our roster (yes you Nick Perry). Now we’re back, and fucking loaded on the front 7 after signing Preston Smith, and Za’Darius Smith. We also got Adrian Amos from that team that signed Khalil Mack who has 0 career playoff sacks, and finally we beefed up the O-line with Billy Turner from Denver. All these moves are fucking good and we didn’t really break the bank on anyone. This all lines up for me to be on the beach in Mid February with my 6 pack and great hair. Tough fucking day for the losers, I’m worried sick if I can win this many championships in one year. Giannis beats the Warriors in 6, Yelich WS MVP, Grahmmy Heisman for Wisconsin, and now the packers are back.

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