Antonio Brown to the Raiders — for real


Steelers, Bills, Retirement, now Raiders? I can’t keep track with this AB stuff anymore. But since Schefty is tweeting it, is has to be true.

So AB refuses to go to Buffalo and play with Josh Allen but wants to go to Oakland and play with Derek Carr? Got it. Is that even a major upgrade? And I’m a big fan of Carr. I just like the potential of Allen.

It always sounded like AB wanted to go to San Fran or Oakland and now he gets his wish. And this is a good move for the Raiders. We know the extent of the trade, a 3rd round and a 5th round for one of the best receivers in the league. The Raiders loaded up on draft picks this season (total of 3 first rounders) and now they get AB? Whew, major W for Gruden and Oakland. Carr needs help, especially with trading Cooper. He’s got it now

Overall, good for everyone involved. Seems like everyone got what they wanted. Except of course, Pittsburgh and Buffalo.

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