Lebron, Lebron, Lebron..

It’s amazing isn’t it, realizing the “King” of basketball is human and can miss the playoffs. Last time he did it was the 2004-2005 season, I was eight years old. I’m twenty-two now, that’s a decent amount of time to always make the playoffs. Don’t forget to add that eight of the last NBA Finals have featured Lebron in them. That’s some pretty historic stuff right there, a lot of ammunition I would use in arguments with buddies during college on the LeBron vs MJ debate (but that’s a whole different blog). So now here we are Lebron is 14.5 games back of first place, in 10th in the western conference standings, and on the outside looking in at the playoff picture. The Lakers had injuries, bad team chemistry, a coach who seems clueless at times, but still they have Lebron James shouldn’t they of at least made the 8th Seed in the West? The answer is Yes, except they didn’t and unless some miracle they won’t. ESPN has them at a less than 1% chance to grab the eight seed. It seems as the King is finally showing that he is getting a little older and yes is going to need a better supporting cast around him for his teams to succeed in the Western Conference. I don’t care what you say it’s going to be a little strange watching the Finals this year minus Lebron, I’m picking the Bucks out of the East in respect for Brady. Cue the music.




By: Marcus Fitzpatrick

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