We’re about to do gambling heroin, let’s prepare

Two short weeks from the best two weeks of the year, really nothing like March. Conference tournaments all day long, right into March madness a degenerates dream to be honest. Everyone knows Friday’s are for the MAC and Ivy so let’s go balls deep in these fuckers.

Buffalo -7.5 @ Miami — This isn’t Ed Reeds Miami, but another famous convict Big Ben. A scum bag rapist who my lord and savior Aaron Rodgers ran train on in the super bowl.

FGCU -1.5 @ Jacksonville — It’s illegal not to bed on FGCU in March after the run they had. I literally know nothing about them but I’m going to believe they’re dunk city.

Dayton -8.5 vs Rhode Island – Remember Rhode Island stinks this year. Dayton gave Giannis brother a scholarship so they get my vote of confidence.

Princeton -1 @ Dartmouth – Once a Tiger always a Tiger.

Kent State +5.5 @ Bowling Green – Bowling Green brought the air raid offense in football to Camp Randall one year and got face fucked. I’m all in on Kent State tomorrow.

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